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Colleen, Wow, your ticker is moving!!!!! Yay. Congrats to you.

Reda, I am sorry you are dealing with the food sabotaging co worker. I have a lot of them that range from my cheering squad to "come on, one XXX won't hurt"......

Holly, how many weeks at the dreaded winter job? It seems like it should be getting close to the summer job.

Sunster.... so tell me your stats (jean size) etc. I will be joining you in a few months. You have done soooo well on this program! Btw, I think I speak for all of us..... we enjoy having you here. Most of us found this site on "accident"..... but glad we have a friendship here.

Dawn, The wraps look like they are doing good on you.

I finally have my belly healed... BUT, I spent last Sunday in the ER (first time in my adult life to go to the ER)...... but I thought I was dying I had such horrible pain. I had no clue what was wrong.... but I had a kidney stone. Well, I still have it.... but I am trying to get rid of it by drinking a lot of water.... which is hard. But, other than that I am ok.
I am still on soft foods..... but will get a full diet this coming Friday. You know, all in all, I have NOOOOO desire to eat candy and junk. I do have a few foods I would like to have.... but those are not part of my "want" list. And, I had a NSV..... I fit into JUNIOR size pants today!!!! I was an 18/20w when I started (mostly tight 20s) but now I am in a junior jean..... albeit a big size junior 17..... but still a jean. Also I went to LR this week for business and my dress clothing is too big!!! So, it is a process.
I am down 32 pounds now.

Well, I will gab more later.
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