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VermontMom 01-29-2013 09:50 AM

Hawt-est Biker Chicks and Dudes, 2013!
We were getting very close to 500 posts so here we go again :)

We are motorcycling chicks (and one dude so far) who love our bikes and want to be fit and happy on them!

Just finished shoveling the driveway so it is clear for the septic tank pumping person to arrive today. I don't have to be here when they are here so that is good. I hope to HECK everything goes smooth and no unpleasant surprises are found, and that the SMELL is gone! Can't blame all this odor on me! :devil:

I'm on Day 6 of South Beach and doing very well. Not a speck of flour or sugar all these days! :carrot: I'm keeping off the scale for now because it just messes with my head too much.

Colleen sorry about the head cold, did you beat it or is it winning?

Hi :wave: to everyone else!

ladyrider72472 01-29-2013 09:24 PM

Thank for the keel thread Holly. :carrot::carrot: congrats on the 6 days OP!!!! You are on the right track!!! Over the first couple days.

I hate you are still shoveling snow. It was 75 today.... But it comes w a price. We are gonna have tornado warnings. And it will be cold by this weekend.

Well--my first arm day back at bootcamp and I injured myself.my back "popped"..... And I have been walking like a 90 year old since.

Colleen, I hope you are better... As well as your husband.

Hope everyone else is doing well.

VermontMom 01-29-2013 10:40 PM

Aw Tammy I am so sorry you popped your back!! Advil or Aleve and a heating pad or long hot bath??

You had 75 degree weather?! OMG!! but tornadoes, yikes. How real is that threat?

Well the septic odor is gone! yay for a successful pumping-out. It was "only" $75 more than what we paid 6 years ago, guess that's acceptable.

I decided to do official things and measured and weighed today ( I could not bear to not weigh any longer) My measurements are just about what they were exactly one year ago, right when I started South Beach then. Well here we go again. :p

I have the next 2 days off, whew, I am happy for that! On the way home I stopped at the store and found lots of Lemon sugar free jello which I haven't been able to find lately, i LOVE it stirred into my fat free yogurt, and they had Sugar Free Cool Whip on sale for $1 a tub..i see some delicious lemon desserts being made tomorrow! i have 7 or 8 little to-go containers that I'll put them in.

Also gonna cook a large pot of my 'stewp' - tomato, bean, veggie soup/stew that I'll bring to work for lunch all week.

talk to ya's tomorrow!

ladyrider72472 01-30-2013 08:29 PM

No Aleve or Advil due to tummy issues..... But I did get a steroid shot :devil: I had to.... I couldn't stand up straight... I am much better today.... And knock on wood.... It appears my tummy might be on the mend...... But I did hear a lot of negative remarks from the doctors I work w about the roughness and body trauma from bootcamp.

Holly---:carrot: good job on the WL and inches. You are on the hot track for summer..... Can you send me a sample days food diary?

We missed the tornadoes..... But they were about 35 miles away.

Hope everyone else is good.


VermontMom 01-30-2013 09:38 PM

Oh jeez Tammy, 35 miles away still sounds real close!

I'm glad the steroids are helping your back pain :hug:

Okay, here are some samples of daily food -

Breakfast - sauteed onions and 1 cup egg substitute, when cooked that makes alot for only 120 calories for the egg substitute.

Lunch - heaping cup of my 'stewp' (sauteed onions, green peppers, some kind of meat either lean ground beef or chicken, multiple cans of tomato products like peeled, whole, diced; multiple cans of beans like red kidney, pink kidney, white canneloni) strips of red and green peppers. And three tablets of Beano!

snack - 20 almonds and 1/2 cup sugar free jello and 1/2 cup non fat yogurt

Dinner - chicken breast, cut up in chunks and pile in romaine leaves like rollups, with a drizzle of dressing; some kind of cooked veggie on side.


Breakfast - 1/2 cup cooked steel cut oats, 1/2 cup non fat yogurt

Lunch - slices of deli turkey breast, one piece low fat cheese, big green salad

snack - Cup of non fat yogurt with sugar free lemon jello sprinkled on it

Dinner - Sauteed veggies, chunks of chicken breast, little balsamic vinaigrette for sauciness, tiny bit of pasta

dessert - 2 Tablespoons natural peanut butter with 2 Tablespoons sugar free cool whip


Breakfast - 1/2 cup egg substitute AND 2 real eggs

Lunch - 2 cans water packed tuna with yellow mustard and sweet pickle relish, it's all about 450 calories but all the protein keeps me full

Dinner - Chili or soup stuff.

snack - sugar free jello with yogurt, or sugar free pudding .

ladyrider72472 01-31-2013 11:27 PM

That doesn't sound bad. I may have to try it.

VermontMom 02-01-2013 09:07 AM

I see my last day of food had hardly any veggies in it, but some days I have alot, so I hope it all balances out.

Happy February!! I always think of Feb. as a month 'just to get through' on the journey to spring for us up here. I know I shouldn't wish the days away but I will use the month to focus on diet and weight loss.

I am also doing my once-a-year teeth whitening with the strips, at least I know my dental hygienist does not disapprove of them, and said the Crest Whitestrips were what the office recommends, if asked.

Teeth whiter, body hopefully tighter and smaller, maybe some tanning next month...sheesh the things we do :devil: I was reading up on gel or acrylic nails, I LOVE pretty nails on other ladies, I do not have them but I wonder about the cost and maintenance and that in my line of work, it would not be good to have something come off into food or pastry.

Have a great day! Hey is Reda in Cancun now??

VermontMom 02-01-2013 09:26 AM

Reda's b-day?
Hey I think today is Reda's birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY REDA!! :bday2you::balloons::hb::celebrate:

ladyrider72472 02-01-2013 11:00 PM

:bday2you::woo::woo: Happy Birthday Reda!!!

Btw, did I miss the hole posting thing... is this the Holly and Tammy forum? Lol

Holly, I am not a "froo froo", but my "thing" is nails. I LOVE THEM!!! I love french, I love dark colors, I love hot pinks..... but I feel your pain on the cost of maintenance... and the whole "drilling" them that you have to go through to have them done..... eventually it hurts when they are so thin. BUT, I have gotten mine to grow out so I don't have to get the acrylic. BUT, I would suggest to you if you love nails like I do, just go to Wal Mart or somewhere right before your day off.... put some of the nailene or kiss nails on.... love them on your days off..... then maybe remove them at the first sign of them getting weak.... OR, there is a brand at Sallys beauty supply that you can do the "tip" but it is not acrylic so you can just keep them short.... they have black ones too!!!!! I will look tomorrow at the name brand.

Anyway, I love nails. Lol. When we go to a Rally and I don't have to be "professional" I usually have sparkly hot pink or black or something. Lol. It looks cooler when you wave at other bikers (like they are looking at your nails).... lol.

Well, I have some research to do b/c I am doing ANOTHER test..... will gab more later.


VermontMom 02-01-2013 11:52 PM

Tammy thanks for the nail input! And I think Reda has nice nails too, I think I remember her having her nails done in HD colors for a rally? or was that you?

I was inspired to research nails, because a young woman who comes into the store, she is gorgeous with very blonde hair, tan, slim, nice makeup with false eyelashes AND a sweet personality (and a British accent, she's got it all goin on, lol) ...and her nails..!!! She had the tips done in golden sparkles and they look and flash like 24k gold, they are gorgeous! Besides waitressing at night, she also works with HORSES during the day so she is hard on her nails, but she says they get thick with the treatments? I dunno...

I wish I had never bought that sugar free cool whip! OMG it is good. Last night I had lemon sugar free jello with the cool whip (about 50 calories worth) then a sugar free pudding with the cool whip (another 50 calories worth) Then an out-of-control big spoonful of the stuff.

I know, less than 200 calories of a big splurge when I've been on program is not that bad. Still...it's calling to me :devil: The other night, my allowed dessert was 2 Tablespoons of natural peanut butter with a spoonful of the cool whip, OMG it was like peanut butter mousse, it was so good!

ChopperChick355 02-03-2013 03:07 PM

Hi girls- looks like you been keeping the thread going :)
Just got home last night from Cancun- wow what a great time BUT
i forgot my camera at home so I had to take over another couples camera and it looks like he is getting them downloaded today :)

Sample menus look great- Holly sounds like you are doing a great job and I may have to copy some of your menus as well!!!

Nails yep I get mine done- got them done before leaving for Cancun and I do tips usually red with silver stripe but yes I have done the HD colors for rally :)

Got on scale this morning and I gained 2 pounds while on vacation but I did go to gym every morning while on vacation only did 2 miles on treadmil but I figured it was better than nothing........ especially since it is all inclusive and we do lots of drinking and eating and more drinking and eating!!!!

Tammy sorry to hear about your back- will DR let you continue to go to bootcamp when your back is feeling better? I will be back full force tomorrow for our biggest loser workouts- don't think my body is ready for it after vacation but I would like to be close to 10 pounds lighter before going to vegas in 6 weeks :)

Well going up to see granddaughter in a bit then off to super bowl party for more drinking and eating......

Oh and Tammy 75 degrees that was warmer than one of the days in cancun???

2times2much 02-03-2013 10:44 PM

Hi all!

Reda, tell us about Cancun! Hope you had a happy birthday!

Holly and Tammy, thanks for keeping the thread going!

I have horrible thin, frail, brittle nails! I keep polish on them to thicken them more than anything. I have had acrylics, but don't like the maintenance to keep them pretty. Heaven help me if something comes loose. I can't manage to leave it alone!

Diet is hit and miss. No loss.

It's been about 10 - 15 degrees here. Too much snow too. I'll be ready for vacation come April!

ladyrider72472 02-04-2013 09:28 PM

Reda, do tell of the sun and sand.... Lol. And 2 pounds is not a lot.

Colleen, how is the job? Better I hope.

Holly, it doesn't sound like your mini cheat was bad. Hang in there.

So..... I have decided I need to be more accountable about weight.... Going to WW to give away $ to,lose weight.... I have committed to myself and DH, and a friend.... No quitting until my 40th bday.... Every Tuesday I will go, lose or gain..

Hopefully I can get back to goal by July 11.

VermontMom 02-05-2013 07:07 AM

Reda, welcome back!!! Gosh only 2 pounds up is hardly anything!

That's kind of funny that Tammy had a day of warmer temps than Mexico isn't it.

Tammy well congrats on the WW decision, spending money will always make us more accountable won't it!

Hi Colleen, oh my nails are just the same. And I'm sick of winter, it's 0 F here now. But hardly any snow. Too bad, skiers. They still come anyway.

My husband's car died yesterday, grrr. Yeah it was a used beater but we had assurance that it was a wonderful, dependable car, yadayada. Private sale. BUT the seller, is the ex-wife of a local mechanic whom we've had work on our bikes. And she was selling it from his garage property. With the assurances that her ex-husband would not let her drive anything unsafe. Well this POS has been nothing but trouble in the few months we've owned it. I am having very uncharitable thoughts about both of them!!! Now I have to drive him to work today, one hour there and back. And then figure out what we're doing to do. Oh well it's only money right :devil:

I'm glad you chicks have faith in me becuse I feel like a failure...two days now of off-program bad choices. So I had 9 days on, 2 days off..I gotta try to think positive and just get back OP!

*added at 9:30 am - get this - I weighed at 6:30 this morning and it showed 153 :eek: then I weighed 3 hours later and it shows 150 :rolleyes:

2times2much 02-05-2013 10:59 PM

I went to the grocery store tonight to pick up a celebration cake for DS and wife. While there I saw they had smoked paprika. Have any of you used that spice? My DD told me yesterday that I needed to get some. She uses it in everything! So I tried it. It was really good! Chicken, noodles, Alfredo sauce, and some cheese, with the smoked paprika on it was my concoction. It kind of lends a bacon taste, without the bacon! Now, I've eaten it all, and am STUFFED!

The job is not better. It's only been confirmed that I need to consider something else to keep my sanity!

Sorry about the car Holly. LOL at your unchairitable thoughts of the sellers. You are hardly a failure! You gals have all done so good!

Tammy, good luck with WW. I tried going to WW a couple years ago. I was quite amazed how grown women (including me) would get so wrapped up to get their next award....the little sticker to go in your book. It was like getting a gold star in first grade!! It works. That is why they are a success! They quit having meetings in our little town.

Hoping for a break from snow sometime soon!

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