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I agree with Kaplods and Nelie. I follow a primal style of eating, which is basically paleo but I allow cheese and I aim for 80% compliance, which means I cheat occasionally. I do this for HEALTH. I also watch my carbs and count calories so that I can lose weight too. Keep in mind that finding grass fed meat can be challenging or costly. (Although I found my costs stayed about the same when I quit buying processed food and eating out).

If you are interested in how paleo/primal may be a tool for weight loss, I suggest reading here: This will give you some idea of how to build a paleo style diet and how to tweak your macros and calories for weight loss. I also highly recommend reading his book The Primal Blueprint. It has helped me immensely in thinking of my health first, making good choices about the food I put in my body & dealing with stress.

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