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S/C/G: 80.2kg/66kg/60kg x2.2 for lb

Height: 165cm/5' 4.5"


Good afternoon all. I must say this thread is quite demanding isn't it. Its good for me don't worry. And its sort of nice to not be totally focused on the weightloss side of things.

Nothing very remarkable about my day today. I've been sewing, took the dog to the beach for a short walk. I've committed myself to picking up rubbish there once a week. The beach is really clean now after a very short time. 3 shopping bags the first week. Today only three items. If you are an aussie, check out tangaroa website. You can do this on any beach australia wide. Now when i go to any beach, i take some plastic bags along. Although i don't detail my findings except on my beach.

Thanks everyone for sharing your body info.

Annie, Good luck on the job interview.

Laura, re 12 years a slave. What was interesting about it was that i learnt that black people were kidnapped in the north and sold as slaves in the south. Most of them died in slavery. The guy in this story survived and wrote a book about it. I agree with you about WOWS as annie usefully calls it. Its pretty full on. But isn't it a story worth knowing about given that was based on a real life person. Its crazy to see how some people live.

To do a prostration, i found this link which is a good one. Not too much talking.

Diyana, your description of yoga sounds like the way an iyengar teacher manages ones poses. Though of course its not an office class so a lot of things are done like headstands or forearm stands (which you don't have to do) which are fun when you are in the healthy weight range.

What i know about Bikram is that it sounds silly. They believe in sweating and being hot and uncomfortable. Modern science tells us that we do not sweat toxins so their idea is just wrong. I did not find iyengar intense but if you are very unfit or very overweight you might find it difficult. But a good teacher (and they are all a very highly trained) will give you poses to do that are within your range and won't expect you to do things that fitter or slimmer people can do. The first teacher i had, had a group who had physical injuries and stuff like that to deal with. He was such a great teacher. Wish i stayed with him longer. They all work with you individually, helping your improve your poses in a gentle way.

Choice wow a fitness room. You are one lucky person. I"d probably make mine a yoga meditation room and then i might actually do some occasionally. Or maybe do some prostrations lol. I didn't even think of doing prostrations today.

Shad, Thanks for your description of clothes. Useful. Since everyone else seems to know, what sort of work do you do. I have to admit for my part, i don't regret my days in offices are over.

I know i might have missed out others. but hi anyway. Have a good day all.
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