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Originally Posted by Proudmama2maet View Post
Hello everyone! I am on Day 17 of the IP Diet... so far it's going okay. I would love to hear about others experiences who have around 20 or 30 pounds to lose as I was hoping to lose more than I have to date but perhaps my expectations are out of whack. The clinic said that I would lose between 3 to 5 pounds per week but so far it's only been 2.8 and 1.2 pounds...which is still okay but I am wondering if I should just be anticipating smaller losses.

Also, I read that we can have sugar free gum but I'm wondering if that includes gum that has aspartame or do I have to look for a sucralose gum somewhere. I would love to use gum to help me through some of my cravings.

Thanks everyone.

It is important to know a couple things that apply to you...

- the 3-5 is a pretty high "average" and if you read here long enough you will see it is more realistically in the 2-3 range. The first week is often a bigger loss because you lose a lot of water weight... After that your body will settle into it's more regular losses. Yours are around 2 so that's great!

- those with less to lose will almost always lose more slowly. Most of us found that as we got 10-15 pounds from goal, losses slow down quite a bit. Patience is very important!

- it is important to consider everything about weight/fat loss, not just the number on the scale. Are you measuring and losing inches? How do your clothes fit? Do you have more energy? Do you feel better in general. Do you see changes in your face, arms, legs etc.

If you are 100% OP and following the sheet exactly, the weight will come off, but it will come off on it's own schedule, not yours.

Keep on keeping on!!

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