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Aw shucks, thanks for the support and follow up! My ankle injury is a newer(ish) one and SO stupid. We have a covered car port/breezeway. I was walking through it to go feed my chickens and had cats twining around my feet. Tripped in a rut and to avoid smooshing a cat I inverted my ankle and fracture it. Grrr. The injury is a little less than a year old. Healed but still ouchy sometimes.

I've been icing, rolling and taping (using Kt tape) and today's run (w6d1) was great!!! A little sore, but it was more tight muscle sore than horrible deep tendon sore. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be ok because the thought of having to quit now makes me want to cry. Today felt SO good. After the 20 min run last time the 5s and 8 felt easy. Can't believe it either.

How are the extra 5 min of the 25 min run feeling to ya? I've always found that the first mile of any run sucks the most. Once my muscles get warm and loose, the rest of the run is so much easier until my muscles get tired. In some ways, the little short runs are harder on my than one longer run.

Susan, your forest is amazing! I'm so envious that you get to run in such a magical looking place. I live in a little tiny town in farm country. Very flat. I pass lots of fields and cows which is pretty, but not magic like a forest. You'll nail those longer runs when the time comes. It amazes me how much stronger we are than we realize.

Elladorine, splurge and get a good jogging stroller. Safer for you and your little one. Don't be afraid to buy used either, the better brands are tough. My sister had a Jeep jogging stroller years ago. It was such junk!! I bought a BOB Revolution when my youngest (who is 2) was born knowing I wanted to eventually get back to running. I have literally put hundreds of miles on the BOB walking and now I'm jogging with it. It still functions like it's brand new. I know they're a little expensive, but I LOVE that stroller. I think good shoes and if you have a little one, a good stroller, are absolute must haves.

Keep up the great work everyone!! Run strong!! Woot!
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