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W2D3 Did it!

Think I've finally got my app sorted too; you know how updates can sometimes do weird random stuff- turn on your bluetooth and stuff? I think it rearranged my settings so I got banners but no voice prompts...

Anyway, It wasn't that hard, and mentally, it might have even been easier because the longer the run chunks, the fewer there are of them, know what I mean? When I've done one, it's "oh, only five more" not eight or something. I am a bit pooped, though.

BTW, I'll be disappearing at the end of March for several weeks hols- might be able to log-in abroad and am hoping to be able to keep up with the runs enough that I at least don't have to back track...

BigChiefHoHo, I would not make it without breakfast. Even if it's just a banana and a glass of milk, I would much rather skip dinner! Hope you survived w2d3, see you in week three, lol

Lilmisschatabox, good gravy! A cyclone! Hope it all works out, timewise (that you get your run in somehow) and that none of your trees decide to spontaneously rearrange themselves!

Awshucks, how did your 25min run go?

Might check in on you all (especially you, Chatabox!) over the weekend...

Monday: W3D1. Feel the fear.

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