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Originally Posted by babykadea View Post
I know this question has been asked a million times, but I just want a more recent answer. Has anyone subbed in a quest bar a day in place of an IP food and have still had significant weight loss, no hindering?
Yes. Many use it as a restricted once/day.
Others find it hinders.
Each person will react differently but it is certainly worth a try!

Originally Posted by Ishbel View Post
Hey Everyone,

I have a friend starting on alternatives and I can't find the sheet that breaks down the vitamins (it's been a while since I was on Phase 1 so I don't have any info left).

Does anyone have it that's willing to share?
A good multi (I use Centrum Siver, due to age)
Cal/Mag (I just take a Mag cit b/c my multi has calcium)
99 mg Potassium citrate
Omega 3

I don't have the "official" mg for each item b/c they change the vitamin formulations frequently. But if they get these things & take regularly, that should work!
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