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Morning all.

I left work early yesterday. BF phoned me around 12:30 and said he was really in pain and was going to the ER. He'd been having pain in his gut off and on over the weekend and really didn't know what it was - he knew it wasn't upset stomach, gas, etc. Turns out it was acute appendicitis. He had the surgery to remove his appendix last night. I'm hoping he gets to come home today. I'm at home waiting to hear so I can drive him home from the hospital. One of his brothers has kidney stone, and both of his brothers suffer from all kinds of gastro-intestinal issues. BF was worried it was kidney stones or some other chronic condition like that. So glad it wasn't.

Other than that...we got about 3-4 in. of snow by us. Wet, heavy snow. I already shoveled a path out back from the back door to the garage door and alongside the garage to where our garbage bins sit. I'll get out and shovel some paths in front, but not gonna shovel everything because tomorrow the temps go back above freezing and the snow will melt quickly then.


Michelle - How nice you get to stay in touch with your friends in WI - a non-fiction book club sounds interesting. What types of books have you read in the past? Santa must be good and tired after doggy daycare AND the dog park!! In our house, we say "a tired dog is a good dog".

Ceejay - How's your sister doing? Was it her gallbladder? Hope your last day of work for the week goes quickly for you. Glad the bosses are not having the trainee do any of your work. You don't need that hassle.

Susie - I'm glad you enjoyed the mild temps yesterday - a walk outside with a friend sounds nice. I did dogwalk duty yesterday, so at least I got a bit of exercise beyond my work commute walking. Good of you to focus on getting out of work on time. There needs to be a balance between work and personal time!! I take it you're feeling fully recovered now??

Annie - Must be so stressful not having medical insurance right now. I'll keep you in my prayers. I like Michelle's idea, and you should consider contacting the drug companies to see if they can provide some assistance for you right now.

Hi Terra!!

Where are Happy & Shad??

Okay, off to dress and get out to shovel.
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