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I am back among the living. It was a rough week. I didn't miss much work as I worked from home and went in to the office for a few hours at a time.

Not the best situation when one is that sick, but things needed done and they were good to let me do what I could from home, give a few things to the other Admins and come in as I could.

While I am much better than I was last week I still have a lot of congestion and what feels like fluid in my ear. I will go back to the doctor this week and ask for a stronger antibodic. I don't think the cipro is strong enough to knock all this out. Usually I would just call and she would give me something stronger but I want my ears checked as I always have a lot of issues with them.

We have had such nice sunny and warm (in the high 50's) days Friday and yesterday. It's cloudy today but still supposed to be in the 40's.

I stayed home from church this morning and DH went. My newphew's b-day party is the afternoon and I want to be there for that, so I stayed home to get rested up a bit more.

I didn't make it to TOPS this week but my scales say I was down 2 lbs. I will work hard this week to maintain that and hope to lose another 2.

Cee-jay: You are working a lot of hours lady! At least you have a nice plan as to what you will use it for. You said that you have family near KY. Where are they in KY? I'm in Ohio you know..southern Ohio...1 hour from Cincinnati.

Walking at Walmart is a good idea this time of year. We have one in our small town. When I go there I can't imagine being able to walk without stopping because I see everyone. Maybe if I went after 8:30 or 9 p.m. it would work. What time do you go?

Annie: I would be terrified to be without health insurance as I am sure you are. I am not impressed that your company did not at least give 3 months of insurance severence.
Let's not focus on all that negative for a bit. Let's focus on Ace arriving. How wonderful that he will have a granny who will have extra time to be there for him as he arrives and gets used to this world. And his big brother will also be looking for more time with you as now he isn't the only one and mamma and daddy will have their hands full with a new baby. Time is a precious gift..more than things.

Michelle: Tell me more about the back rehab classes.

Laura: I LOVE massages. So happy for you that you got one.

Terra: When you are mall walking, you can see all the new spring/summer clothes and think about how good you will look in them, with your tonned body from all that walking!

Shad: In your post you said "I felt like I had to take a trip to the sea".....sigh......that calls to me! I never feel better than when the ocean is in front of me or I am on the water.

Happy: How awful about the new volunteers husband! I'm glad that she had you to talk to.

What is the name of the 90 day walking program book?

You mentioned composite decking for your deck. I worked for 5 years for a composite decking company. I started in warranty/claims, then did customer service and then marketing. I wanted to be in Sales and I was going that way until they decided to re-org and said they needed me back in warranty. At the time the economy was pretty good and I didn't want to go back and so I said "what if I don't want to do that". They were shocked, but told me they would give me a 3 month severence package. DH had health insurance then through his company and I felt like I could get another job (which I did in 6 weeks---with P&G) and so I took the package. I have NEVER done anything like that in my life...but I am glad I did or I wouldn't be where I am now.

So, if you want some advice on composite decking, let me know. It's been a few years since I worked in it, but I do know the industry well.

Have a great day everyone. I will be back to posting daily, as I missed you all.

One last thing--I saw that Mel's birthday was March 7. I know those of you who knew her miss her very much. to all of you.
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