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Originally Posted by sunflwr816 View Post
I love this. In the past it seemed once the weekend was here, it was eat anything and everything without moderation. I fell into a trap of not only eating the same thing, but the almost the same portion size as my 6'4" fiancÚ - pizza, burritos, beer, ice cream. Any progress I had made diet wise during the week, I would sabotage on weekends. I need to remember that everyday is a "fresh" day and a new beginning....not just "the diet starts Monday".
My boyfriend has this idea that a diet is worthless if it doesn't have a cheat day. He thinks that if he behaves all week then on Saturdays he can eat and drink whatever he wants and with no moderation. I can't seem to explain to him that it doesn't work like that. I mean if you have to have a cheat day have one monthly or less, and then use some moderation, but a weeks worth of dieting is pointless if on the weekend you eat and drink yourself into oblivion.
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