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Good morning ladies,

I had my Back Rehab orientation class last night, which was good. Since I was going to be a little bit later, I asked Day Care to feed Santa dinner. They said he ate about 1/3 can of wet dog food mixed with dry at lunch and the same amount at dinner. That's an improvement. He's walking on his foot a little more too, though still holding it up at least 50% of the time which means the pain hasn't gone away yet. Tonight's the biweekly poker game, but I'm going to go to the gym for Aqua Aerobics first.

Thanks for your suggestions about soup. One of the meals I was considering was beef stew.


Ceejay - Glad the ice is melting a bit, hopefully the sun will help get rid of it. Sorry that T is still causing problems. Good for you for doing the pushups and Yoga DVD.

Shad - So what did you end up having for lunch? Is the light show this weekend?

Susie - I hope you're feeling better.

Terra - How was your week with eating and exercise?

Annie - So good to have you back. Sorry your morning started out so crappy. You should be able to get COBRA insurance, though that's kind of pricey. The kids will understand that you can't help them financially right now. They'll be ok. As Happy said, hopefully they'll be able to re-use some of Jacob's stuff or get gently used stuff at garage sales or thrift stores. A grandma's love is worth more than anything. That's great you've applied for some jobs! It takes awhile for companies to go through the resumes and choose who to hire. Have you also thought about temporary or contract jobs? A lot of agencies even provide insurance. It could cost more than if you got a permanent position but at least its insurance and income. Be open to the possibilities and try and stay positive. As others have said, at least you'll be able to spend more time with Samantha and Lil Man next week.

Happy - I'm so sorry to hear about your co-worker's husband. It's good she is comfortable to talk with you...and that she is attending grief counseling and has her church to support her. Hmmm, a book on a 90 day walking program. Sounds good. The Chicken Tortilla soup is a GREAT idea! Thank you. I was thinking of spaghetti too. And the Chicken and Noodles sounds good and easy too. I'm shying away from grocery store options and family size frozen entrees, as that's something her husband can do.

Laura - I hope you're having a great day off! Enjoy your long weekend!!

Time to get back to the website.

Much love to all,

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