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Rie- Aw thank you! I generally don't get that nervous about performing, I get more excited then anything else. I should be getting a full professional recording that I'll make sure to post I'm sure you'll do great cooking for your friends! You should check out she has some awesome healthy recipes

kisskiss- I'm so sorry all you're going through. I really hope your brother is doing well and that things get better for you and your family!

ParkTrot-Sounds like an intense challenge at your gym! With your intense gym schedule I agree Insanity might be a bit much. Maybe talk with a trainer at your gym and see what they think? I love challenges not based on weight, I find that when I challenge myself in other areas around health and feeling good the weight comes off naturally Keep us posted!

Silverfire-How's your week been?

Happy Valentines Day! I'm headed to my mom's to hang out before work. My bf is coming from LA tonight. I made him a mini desk size zen garden for his gift. I think he'll really like it! I've been dropping hints all week to him and finally was a bit more forceful last night. I asked him to come out early, which he refused so he won't get here till 9:30 or 10 At one point I thought he had planned something romantic but he assured me it was all in my head. Idk its hard to tell with him haha

Weight wise I'm down again! Didn't make it to 142 but 143.0 is super close haha the scale even said 142.8 for a brief moment before switching to 143.0 I'm so excited seeing all these new lows with this challenge. I really think that not focusing on the weight is what causes the losses for me. When I'm focusing on being healthy the weight seems to naturally come off Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
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