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I think Rachel is a perfect example of the dangers of number focused transformations. The biggest loser competition is about % lost. Not fat % or muscle tone. Not health or overall lifestyle change.

I can't say whether she is healthy or not, because I don't know what she's doing. I don't know if she's starving herself. I feel just as bad saying she's too thin, as I do telling an overweight person they are too fat.

I wish her the best, and hope that if she is experiencing disordered eating or has developed a psychological condition that she gets help and deals with it. Overall, she's in a much better place than where she started.

I'm a fan of curves. I don't tend to find women beautiful who are underweight/borderline, because I think curves look healthy. Muscle mass looks healthy and sexy. I personally, feel she would rock a weight around 120/125.

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