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Decluttering Folks, Hello!

My studio is now fully functional and cleared out and inviting. Yesterday I spent a good 5 hours in there and it's feeling the way I want it to. That small storage locker has really helped. In the end I had 3 carloads of supplies/displays that are not disposable go there. I am ready to get down to some complicated challenging on-going projects now. I also started to display some of my inspirational objects: a postcard of Ai Wei Wei, (Chinese artist), I put up an extra shelf. I hung my giant woodblock carving on the wall to inspire me to make more of those, I put my white board up and put the cup hooks up at ceiling height to enable me to put up a clothesline to hang my prints on so they will dry. Now, the weather really needs to warm up! I wanted to paint one of my new dry-walled walls with chalkboard paint but the can says you need between 10C and 30C to cure the paint properly. When I go into the studio it is 1C to 3C and with my heaters it goes to between 13C and 18C, but that's so long as the heaters are going. It goes back down to 1-3C pretty fast after I leave so I can't really paint the walls. Sad! I have another 6 weeks probably to wait. I am very impatient these days. So, very happy to report a completed project here.

On to completing the apartment, getting rid of box mountain 2.0 and opening up the kitchen once again.
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