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Originally Posted by Hiker88 View Post
Glad you made it through super bowl. I thought you would have more to say about your precious Sea Hawks after that blood bath!

Happy to say I got my downstairs looking presentable in time for my company last night. Its really not that hard to have people over for a meal when you are on IP... I did a roast, green salad and yams. Then I just served a fruit plate for dessert. Most people are coming for the company and not for a heavy, fat laden meal. We enjoyed a good visit and the food wasn't too bad either!

Have a good day all!
Thanks Hiker. I was trying not to gloat for Carol's sake!

Glad your dinner went well, it sounds yummy. And you're right - good company is the reason for getting together, food is just a side benefit!

Originally Posted by Slipfree View Post
Congratulations Ruth Ann on the Seahawks' win! Hope you had fun.

Another snow day here in CT, 5-8 inches today with more expected on Wed. Getting a bit of cabin fever!
Thanks Slipfree - it was fun to watch! Yuck on the weather, I would be going stir-crazy too. Stay safe!

Originally Posted by ColoradoCarol View Post
Went to a Super Bowl party yesterday that had tons of non-IP foods, but I remained 100%OP (that is the only thing that went right yesterday after the Seahawks trampled the Broncos).

I took a veggie tray and my own chili (without beans).

Congrats to the Seahawks and their fans - was a great victory. Unfortunately my beloved Broncos didn't show up for the game. Must have been imposters. LOL After the first play it went downhill after that.
Congrats on staying OP for the party! I agree those must have been imposters, we know the Broncos are better than that!

Originally Posted by schenectady View Post
We are all so happy for the Seahawks - this is a bunch of young guys who have not always been treated well by the press or the drafts. They may have not always said the right thing, but the earned this! I am very happy for Russell Wilson - a young man with his head and heart in the right place and front my family hometown!

Made it through the game day 100% OP! Lots of fluids and working off energy doing chores. I discover it is hard to me to sit still while on IP because I have so much more energy.

Coming close to my weight when married 24 years ago - three more pounds. I am having so much fun trying on clothes to see how close I am to wearing them. I have a nice and well stocked thrift store within walking distance so I drop off a big of the "too-bigs" and walk out with "soon-to-fits". Very encouraging.
Congrats on getting close to a weight that brings happy memories!

And yes, Russell Wilson is outstanding!

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