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Rie-That's terrible!!!! It's too bad you aren't in California so I could ask my boyfriend who's a lawyer what legal action you could take. Its really messed up that in Japan they can just fire you for no reason like that and be so shady about it! You are an amazing go-getter person though and I have a strong feeling that you are the type of person who will always land back on her feet You're so good at planning(obvious from all your awesome challenges) and I know you will have a plan for this whole situation soon! What's your boyfriend think? Is he still unsure about you guys sharing his small apartment? Try and stay positive, you WILL get through this!

Parktrot-Welcome! Your exercise goals are awesome!
Silverfire-haha that gif made my morning You are doing sooo well in the challenge! Keep up the great work

So yesterday was....interesting. And by interesting I mean overwhelming, stressful, and exhausting. My concerto performance with the orchestra is coming up in a little over 2 weeks and its been a mess getting things together with the orchestra. I've of course been practicing a lot and performing a lot preparing and yeah...I'm done with the world, last night I couldn't take it and just started crying. But today is a new day to conquer and I'm feeling positive after getting a lot of sleep
My exercise yesterday was moving concert grand pianos around stages 3x yesterday! haha Such a pianist exercise I'm sore though and was sweating a lot from it!
I got a whoosh! I haven't gotten a whoosh in so long! All that dumb gluten weight is gone plus another 1.2lbs Tomorrow is my official weigh in day so hopefully it sticks!
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