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Just came across this when I was looking for reviews, etc. of the Gabriel Method. I just purchased this and started yesterday. I do not have the online support feature, but I purchased the Total Transformation for about $70. Includes the visualizations, videos, digital copy of the book, etc.

I have tried pretty much everything from Jenny Craig to Weight Watchers, gym membership, home gym equipment, counting calories on my own, Biggest Loser, I could go on. But nothing has really worked long term for me.

I think I've made myself a nice little fat cushion: used fat to keep other men away when I was in a bad marriage for years, emotionally and physically neglected. I think that had something to do with sexual abuse in my childhood as well.

I did have some success with a self hypnosis recording I bought on Amazon awhile back, when I did it every night I really did find myself thinking about food differently: I realized this when I head a co-worker on the phone, ordering a double-order of chicken fettucini, hold the broccoli, double order of garlic bread... and when I would normally be thinking 'omg that sounds so good!', I actually was thinking 'that is just a ton of fatty food!' and then I realized I was thinking right about food for once. I lost about 5 pounds when I got distracted with some other things and next thing I knew I was up again.

So when I saw the Gabriel Method, and read reviews, I thought it might be a good idea to go back to that same concept, in a more comprehensive way... different visualizations, the book, etc. and if I start to stray I just really need to make myself go right back. I can't expect to fix what's wrong with my thinking in a few short weeks, I need to really beat it into my head.

I haven't really seen any reasonable arguments against this method, so... Getting started on beating it into my head.
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