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Originally Posted by Johnsdeere View Post
Very exciting jgules, nothing like a wedding to motivate.
Good on you for the 15lb goal...if the majority of us would have stopped at 15lbs overweight and did a temperature check and reevaluated our bodies and eatting habits the majority of us wouldn't be needing to lose 50+. .
Forgot to add that what you wrote, "Johnsdeere", definitely rings true for me. I tend to get into that "ostrich head in the sand" mentality when unpleasant things come up. Forcing myself to get on the scale when I KNOW I've been negligent and will only be up in weight just starts not happening at a certain point. If I MADE myself do it, regardless, then I would be less in denial (although HOW denial can still happen when I keep going up in clothing sizes is beyond me!) and more conscious of the slippery slope I was starting to traverse! In fact, the accountability factor of having a coach and weekly-weigh ins is one reason I decided to do IP instead of another diet. Hopefully that will hold true when I hit the maintenance phase. It's a lot harder to ignore an honest "outsider" than yourself - or loved ones who keep telling you you're "fine just the way you are" (even though I do appreciate that unconditional love!).

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