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Originally Posted by TwynnB View Post
Poor rivergirl, you're in here by yourself, and it's only the end of January!

I haven't been perfect, but I've been okay. My meals this week have been pinto beans and ham (mmmmmm), and chili. Nothing too exciting!

I did have a banana and PB in a WW tortilla yesterday for lunch, and it was amazing. Weirdly enough, I wasn't even hungry for dinner later, so it held me well too.
HAHAHA! I thought that too, Tammy.. I have had such great company here in the thread the last few weeks, but this week I was just like "where did everybody go?"

I love PB and banana, I had a bit of indulgence in that myself today.

Phase 2

WW toast with PB and 1/2 a banana sliced
Glass of skim milk


Salad w/ romaine, cucumber, tomato, onion, rf cheddar & italian dressing
diet coke

Roast beef
Green beans
Glass of skim milk


cucumber slices w/ cream cheese (if munchie later on)


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