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Originally Posted by Kimmie in AZ View Post
Good Morning everyone. So yesterday I had a cheat day. I had pizza for lunch, and a cheeseburger for dinner, and cheese for a snack. Don't really feel bad about iti.e. - not beating myself up over it.

But more notably, all those carbs gave me crazy bad indigestion. Back on IP today. Easy to do when all those carbs give you indigestion like that!
I am not sure how to respond but because I have been through falling off IP, I am going to respond and hope that you do not take it wrong.

I had a period in abut the third month when I fell off and it took me a long while to get back on. There was not a day that went by that I was not bothered by filling on up carbs, but I could not find the mental metal to rein it in. I was very disappointed in myself.

We are all different, but there is some concern for me in seeing you go off so radically so soon into the program and seeming not so concerned. To me, and I repeat only to me, the fact that you are going back on IP only because the carbs gave you indigestion. Maybe you are writing tongue in cheek and being funny/sarcastic and I missed that.

This program is very challenging to follow religiously, but when it is done that way, the results are fantastic. My experience shows that a near total dedication to the program is what it takes to succeed over the long term. There are NO 'cheat days' in Phase 1. The ability to get into ketosis requires adherence to a strict program.

If one's mind is not ready, really ready, this program can be almost impossible to make work.

I am guessing that this reply may make you upset with me. My intent is to help as many have helped me in the past. If I offend you, I will offer my apologies in advance but hope that maybe you can see that there is some basis to try to get this information to you from experience.

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