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Originally Posted by Kimmie in AZ View Post
In IP, are you required to eat at least one restricted item per day? Or are two non-restricted ok?

Also are you required to eat a snack? Lot's of times I am too full after dinner for a snack.

I've completed my list of items from Nashua. When I went down the list it seems most are 8 carbs or less. I work full-time and tried to pick things I'd like, and that are easy to prepare at work. I like the IP soy nuts but the Proti ones seem really high in fat calories which has me thinking it would be on the super restricted list. They are even higher in fat calories than the protein bars I picked.

Below is what I have chosen. There were a few other things I wanted but they were out of stock. Also - I am very content with minimal variety as long as I like something. In fact I prefer it for breakfast and lunch on work days. My variety happens at dinner.
You are not required to have a restricted BUT you ARE REQUIRED to have three packets each day and your 2 cups of veggies - two with lunch and two cups with your 8 oz of protein. (Veggies and meat are measured raw.) plus your water, salt, oil (on food) and vitamins. So I guess therefore you are required to have a "snack" at some point each day. It does NOT have to be after dinner.

You can break up your veggies (I sometimes have part at breakfast in my eggs; others put them in shakes blended with ice.) NOTE that some coaches "require" you to eat your veggies at the same time as your packets/protein, others are fine letting you split them apart so for example have your salad/veg at noon and a packet at two.

The program is designed to allow for the cal/carb/fat content of one restricted each day. You are already taking in very limited amounts and restricteds are meant to be part of the total. They are also designed to give that satisfaction of sweet or salty/crunchy so your cravings for these type of foods are satisfied. Some people think they loose a little better without using a restricted - others do not find a difference.

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