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Originally Posted by shr1nk1ngme View Post
Last night I ran out of time so I couldn't get all my nuts eaten before bed ( I buy nuts-in-the-shell and crack them one at a time to slow myself down). But I know that under-eating calories on an UpDay slows down weight loss. So yes, I knew I had to eat MORE calories, and fast. So I ate two more low-carb cookies. It felt so decadent! I love JUDDD. On how many diets are you concerned that you aren't eating enough calories, and as a result have to force down more cookies? lol
Hahahaha! That's true!!

Wow to your daily diet, you sound so much more organized than me!!!

Today I weighed in at 157.2!!! So after waiting to see if it stuck I guess I'm out of this thread and on down to the 150s.

Have a great weekend everyone!!
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