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A new year and a new me!
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FIONA W - Welcome on in .. and I LOVE that line lol .. perfect .. might have to stitch that one up for my wall!

UBEE - I havent read the book either lol .. but his seminar wasnt about that .. boy its a long time ago now .. but it was more about getting to your core .. working out why you react certain ways to certain things .. what influences/influenced your decisions or choices ... how you hear and perceive over what is actually being said or seen ... I just found it enlightening hence the light bulbs going off .. it started me on my voyage of self-discovery ... but in a more in depth way than I had already been on

STARFISH - Welcome back hun … you did pretty good in the last challenge so if that was without as much effort you are gonna fly with this one lol … Im sure Xmas wasn’t very good for many of us .. but its all one day at a time and its ok to start again

MOUNTAIN WALKER - Gotta love the whoosh lol .. makes the UGH so much better to get through lol

KERR BEAR MOM - WELCOME!! And congrats on giving up smoking!! I have been smoke free for 12 years now (Dec 21) and it was the best decision of my life … keep in mind that it is an addiction and even after 3 years I was still willing to pick it up again .. heck .. even after 12 years I occasionally wonder what it would be like lol … but keep strong and be proud of yourself .. .I found a lot of the extra weight came on after giving it up too .. As for hubby …. I wonder if you can tweak those gourmet recipes to make them a healthier option so that you can enjoy them too? If you need any ideas just let me know what sort of things and ingredients you use for them and I will see what I can come up with .. I am in the process this year of writing a recipe book which offers more healthy options … so far I only have a few recipes tried (Chicken & Feta Filos, Almond/Lemon Cake, Chocolate/Cranberry Brownies, Carrot/Walnut Cupcakes, Banana/Coconut Cupcakes, 3 C Filos … ) … so ideas to create are always welcome lol. Oh .. as for exercise .. yeah .. that is something I am still working on doing lol .. I did start a little last year .. for about 3 weeks .. but then work got in the way .. but after this week I am looking for work again so will take some time for me in the search and get back to the gym .. I have 2 “walks” I have signed up to do (never done anything like it before) .. One is in Feb (6.5km) and the other in March (5km), so don’t get too hung up on the exercise initially …

PAM - Thanks for the weigh in hun .. so nice to have you back on the boards

ISLES - I was listening to the news on the way in this morning … OMG .. SO COLD!! The poor reporter obviously heard the ad that was playing before he was talked to and it was about sunscreen for our sunny days lol .. I was getting cold just listening to the temps over there … if you can get a flight out come on over to the sunshine .. well .. the cloudy weather lol .. although it was sunny and warm yesterday

WANNASKIPANDLAUGH - Welcome back hun .. and you did great last time too so don’t you stress about it .. I think your goal is great and I will be looking forward to your party pics after you get rid of these 20+ pounds for it

LARRY - I am gonna love your humour on the boards .. frozen juice .. heheh .. giggle … if that is a common saying over there then Im glad I got to hear it … probably cos we don’t get cold enough most of the time to even come up with something like that

TURTLE - Hey hun, welcome back .. and what a great result for the percentage … great one! And yes .. the holiday food that still lingers in my house needs to GO! lol … but not much of it left now and I definitely won’t be replacing it

UBEE - Thanks for the update hun .. good goal I think .. very realistic Keep Warm!

SILENTARCTIC - Hun you CAN do it .. I did .. and after the years of trying and failing its suddenly not impossible .. in the Christmas challenge I did last year in the 18 weeks I lost just over 50 pounds .. and I am sooooo not active lol .. so it was really all about food choices. What helped me was a food journal as well as Calorie Counter online .. I think the biggest thing in weight loss is accountability .. if you aren’t going to be honest with others, then you aren’t being honest with yourself and that is a sure way to fall short or down. I believe in you and Im sure you can do whatever you set your mind to Keep warm where you are too!

LESLIEWENDY - Thanks for the update hun


:Goal 1 - 300 pounds - reached 9.09.13 Goal 2 - 264.6 by 2/12/13 : reached 26.11.13
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