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S/C/G: Going from chubby to not


Originally Posted by amandie View Post
I really like your 100% until Spring goal, Serenity! Curious, does that mean you will or will not be using weeklies for that goal? How was your lunch? I've yet to try quinoa. How did you prepare it?
Hi Amandie, I am just going to give it my all, stay within my points range. I don't plan on using my weeklies on a regular basis because I want to lose at least one pound a week. I don't swap my APs either. Maybe when I get to maintenance that is a different story. Others might have better outcomes when they use all the extras and swap the activity points.

I do think that the extra points and the activity points are good to use when you go to a very special event or on vacation, very occasionally. I know how my body responds, and if I am not diligent, I my body hangs onto every last ounce. lol
I chose the Spring date, cause that is enough time to see what kind of results I can get going 100% but it doesn't feel "forever".

The quinoa is very easy to prepare. I followed the directions exactly, except I substituted low salt vegetable broth instead of water. Quinoa is very mild tasting, it was a good change instead of brown rice.
My goal for 2014 is Fifty Pounds in Fifty Weeks began Christmas 2013

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