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Originally Posted by onebyone View Post
Beck is all about planning and carrying things through day after day after day and getting right back on track if things get out of hand now and again.
Hi Everyone! I consider myself in maintenance after more than a few years of decluttering. For me, I have committed to everyday tasks through many seasons now. I try to do something everyday because I find that if I don't I start heading in the other direction very quickly. Finding time was essential for me and I find that my greatest success is found when I spend 15-20 minutes in the morning before I head out to work. I am inspired here, and I've learned lots of tips from the flyladywebsite. My normal routine in the morning is to do dishes, make the bed and do "something" with laundry. As far as laundry goes it can be in the hamper, in the washer or in the dryer BUT once it's out of the dryer it gets folded and put away-pronto. It saves me alot of time in the end.

I'm still working very hard on my mom's rental projects, which just continues to reinforce keeping things current. She hadn't done work on any of them for years and now it's having to happen all at once. Fortunately, applying daily tasks to these projects they are finishing one by one.

So, here I am, doing my stuff everyday, although I probably won't post every day. I have to keep pushing forward with the rentals. What is most challenging to me is that I have always had a tendancy to start things but not follow through and finish. I am the sole decision maker with these projects and have a budget which won't pay for someone else to do all the work, although I do have helpers. I try to use them wisely and have to persist and do everything that I can do myself. credit.

Even so, my home needs care. Yesterday I looked around and decided to start the New YEar with a room to room. I cleaned and organized in the dog/laundry room. It looks so much nicer. Afterwards, I had some spare time so I vacuumed and picked up in the bedroom and tv room. 3 rooms down and I'll keep moving forward. This morning I did some decluttering in the kitchen and dining room.

I have found that one of the most beneficial things for me was to actually switch my brain on a daily basis to wanting/needing less. Although the major decluttering is done, I always have a thrift box so I can easily place items that don't serve me anymore. yesterday I put 4 or 5 items in as I worked in the laundry room....several baking items I never use and a pair of earrings a customer gave me that I will never wear. Every item adds up. When I was at our other home last week I was looking for a swimsuit. I had 5 extras, none of which fit properly....They all went to thrift. credit.

Take care everyone!

onebyone, I love your new chaise by the bookcase. IT looks very comfy and inviting!
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