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On this very cold Southern morning -- and I know we have no right to complain compared to our friends in the North! -- DH and I attended a 6:00 a.m. hatha yoga class.

Teacher 1, thanks for the nice welcome!

Sheramama, welcome! I'm sorry to hear about the fall on the ice. My sister fell on ice in Michigan and broke her leg in several places, so I'm glad you are still moving and participating in the squat challenge.

EagleRiverDee, thanks for posting such nicely detailed information about P90x3. I'm a big fan of metabolic/AWT workouts but am getting such good results with old-fashioned heavy weight training that I might do P90x or Body Beast after I finish Cathe's STS rotation ..... As you pointed out, P90x is a bigger time commitment than P90x3, so that & the pull-ups are holding me back.

Diana, I didn't do Classical Stretch or my walk after work as I hoped. I was cold & pooped. That's my story, anyway .... Maybe tonight! .... Do you like Leslie's newer Walk to the Hits Party Songs? I like it better than Radio Remixes.

Have a great day!
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