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Good morning to you all. We are just hanging out at the house this morning watching tv. I am knitting trying to get the scarf done and working on my sweater.

You are going to know where this is going, but the bead store online has a sale going for new year's. Yep, I put together a bracelet. The one color I don't have is orange and they had a bunch of orange beads and I bought a picture heart. You can have a picture inserted into the heart and I had a picture of Jack in his tux. I got two hanging hearts that are orange and black and then a couple spacers that are love inspired. Including shipping it was $38. I didn't buy a bracelet as I have one that is empty to use. I do need to get some extra things like lobster clasps and jump rings in case I ever need to fix them. I can get them at Amazon really cheap.

I knew I would get the thing from the dr about going to a surgeon. I got it yesterday and the dr's name was Fox. I haven't ever seen a dr named Fox at the clinic. It drives me nuts, but it would be a pain to change drs and this is a large clinic so there is more ability to have a dr than a one dr place. We are limited to few choices anyway. I just don't like being end runned on things. I thought I could make an appt for my dr and see her and discuss it not have them making the choice for me, which is what makes me mad. I would have liked my surgeon that did my other surgeries to do it as he was a general surgeon as are the surgeons I am going to see. I trust Dr Wheat, but I will go see this woman and if I don't like or trust her, then I am going to check and see if Dr Wheat could do it and get another referral. Right now all this stuff is pretty overwhelming to me to deal with.
I have the downstairs cleaned except for the dreaded dusting, which I will do for up and down tomorrow after Jack goes to work. The house is clean and am working on last load of laundry in the dryer. I have to get someone in here to clean out the vent again as I never did do it and it has to be done now. I will probably hire Sears as they did it last time. The vent is so thin in the wall that I am sure every year or so I am going to have to pay to have it cleaned out.

Jack is watching a history program about Alexander the Great. Not my thing particularly, but I don't care. I can knit or read I guess.

Susan: I guess I misunderstood. I thought you said Glory had to use the Langley base to be seen. I don't blame her for being leery of drs at the base if her husband died there from carelessness basically. What a terrible thing to happen. I am a mushroom lover too, all the different types. My dad used to hunt them in the woods and come home and fry them in butter, yum! He knew what to look for as we are all still alive I guess.

Maggie: Jack considers mushrooms a fungus, which they are and not a veg so he won't eat them. Mostly because some types are poisonous and doesn't trust that he won't get a "bad" one. He doesn't eat a big variety, but he gets veg because I give him stuff he will eat. I don't think most of us eat properly frankly.

Jean: Glad you cleaned out the holiday stuff. You won't have to put it away that way I guess. Sorry about having to go to a funeral. Seems like the older we get the more we have of those, huh? I just posted a condolence to a friend from school whose mom just died. She was in her 80's. My parents and in laws died so young that I don't think about friends my age still having parents living. Have you seen the commercial for the thing that lays on the floor and has a pretend mouse under this round thing and peeks out and the cats chase it around? Looks like a cat would love something like that, but they said it lasts a long time, but I could see a cat with claws tearing the heck out of it.

As of today we are down to 38 weeks until vacation! Gives me something to look forward to. We got a $100 gift certificate from the kids we put on our ship credit and $100 ship credit for booking on the ship this year's trip so we have a nice $200 to start with for ship credit and it can be spent anywhere on the ship, drinks, specialty restaurants, shops, etc. The big ship has a lot of shopping available so it should be fun!

Everyone have a lovely day. Faye
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