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Originally Posted by Annik View Post
Ruth Ann, I was just talking about this over Christmas. A friend who is a Public Health nurse was very discouraging of IP...saying how unbalanced it is and that it is a diet of exclusion. Yet at the same time she was recommending bariatric surgery to me! When I'd ask, 'but what about the risks that go with surgery?' She wouldn't say much.

I like your response. It's polite and confident.

Funny thing ... As I get older, I am beginning to wonder about the people who are so busy focusing on my 'inventory' --- what inventory of their own are they avoiding?!
My answers really do vary depending on who is asking and how well I know them, etc., etc. and how they ask.

You're right - have to wonder about people who focus so much on what others are doing. I have enough to worry about in my own life without snooping into other people's!

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