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Good morning gals. It is cold here, but not near what most of what you have. They cancelled the race completely. A lot of runners are upset I guess, but heck it keeps them from breaking a leg or something. It didn't do what it was supposed to do, ice wise. The streets are dry, but I guess they were concerned about the running through the park and such. Thomas is pretty disappointed, but his Nonny is thankful. I was worried about him running.

We have had breakfast and cleaned it all up and Jack is plopped in front of the tv watching college football. UGH, I hate Saturdays during college football season. He watches game all day and night on Saturday. This is the last week as they are playing their different group championship games. I imagine college basketball will pick up from here.

I almost have my dil's mitten done. I will have to mail them to her as I can't get them both done by tonight and they are leaving first thing in the morning.

Jean: His aunt sounds like a pistol. You can keep your weather. I hate the cold so much as it kills my knees. Are the grandkids getting excited about Christmas? I hope Jackson likes what we bought him, but I am sure he will. I just feel bad for Thomas about the race. I am going to have to think of something for him too though his mom wants us to wait to give him his presents until Christmas Eve.

Maggie: We went from $109 for October to $226 for November's heat. We have all electric and I am told it is more expensive than gas, but who knows? I am not going to sit and freeze just to have a lower heating bill.

Everyone have a nice weekend. Faye
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