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Maggie 12-06-2013 04:23 PM

Steel Magnolias #66

It is a chilly day here in the ♥-Land with the temps between -1° and 19° with no chance of rain ~ so our heater is working overtime. I didn’t want to get out of bed but it wasn’t so bad for we have carpeting in the bedroom. That is the only room here in the upstairs that is still carpeted. The temp has climbed all the way up to 11° right now and that is chilly for sure.

While looking through some magazines before tossing them I ran across the cutest little “gadget” that folks are loving, according to the review. One comment by the author was “We love this gadget.” It is a small appliance that is a Breakfast Sandwich Maker by Hamilton Beach. I was surprised to see our Wall*Mart had such a thing here in this little berg. Since the one making the sandwich controls what goes into it ~ it can be made program friendly. I have not gotten a new kitchen gadget in a long time and this looks like one I would enjoy using. They didn’t have a red one so I have the gray one. The recipes that came with it all sound yummy and I can lighten them for sure and make up some of my own.

We stopped by our favorite station store that has lots of useful office goodies. Will came back to the Jeep with what he had gone in there for and told me about this really neat brief case. It was rather spendy and I told him if he really wanted it to go back in and get it and I would call it one of his Christmas presents and I would tie a bow on it and stick it under that little tree. It is metal with a very nice interior that has a compartment for his I-Pad and has a great locking system. It looks like the large version of that card holder he got me the other day. Since he is so hard to buy for I decided I should go ahead and get that brief case for his old one has seen its better days and was never as nice as this one when new.

Will has to go to the museum this evening for a few hours for the Christmas things that are going on there. Santa will be giving out presents to the cheery faced children and can have their picture taken with Santa. He is at the store as I type to fill my list of what I want to start making yummy breakfast sandwiches in my new machine.

I hope all you Magnolias are having a wonderful afternoon.

Have a great afternoon my friends. :wave:
Always remember ~ A setback is only a setup for a comeback.

Jean 12-06-2013 10:31 PM

Good Evening, Flowers! It's -5 right now heading down to -10 according to the weatherman. We made a two hour drive to have lunch with Bob's 96 year old aunt and two of his cousins. One is moving from Chicago to the southern Atlantic side of Florida. We asked her about what she would do when a hurricane was coming. She said she will take the first plane heading north! :lol: His aunt is more spry than I am!

Maggie -- I'll bet Will gets a kick out of playing Santa. I'm sure the kids enjoy him. We have retired guys who comb the parks and beaches with metal detectors. Bob is getting Oliver suspenders for Christmas! Several times he has mentioned he's getting just like his dad and always hiking up his pants. He probably won't wear them but it will be good for a laugh. Have fun with your new gadget!

"Gma" -- I sure don't blame you for staying home tomorrow! From the forecast and looks of the map on tv tonight, I wouldn't be surprised if it gets cancelled. I sent my first Christmas card on November 25th, to Lebanon. I hope she gets it because sometimes they don't get their mail. I'm not sure what the internet page would be on an iPad. I hate to mess with the settings and screw it up even more.

I'm watching IPTV and right now The Texas Tenors are on. The network is fund raising and will have different celebrities performing all weekend. Have a great weekend! :wave:

gma22 12-07-2013 09:18 AM

Good morning gals. It is cold here, but not near what most of what you have. They cancelled the race completely. A lot of runners are upset I guess, but heck it keeps them from breaking a leg or something. It didn't do what it was supposed to do, ice wise. The streets are dry, but I guess they were concerned about the running through the park and such. Thomas is pretty disappointed, but his Nonny is thankful. I was worried about him running.

We have had breakfast and cleaned it all up and Jack is plopped in front of the tv watching college football. UGH, I hate Saturdays during college football season. He watches game all day and night on Saturday. This is the last week as they are playing their different group championship games. I imagine college basketball will pick up from here. :^:

I almost have my dil's mitten done. I will have to mail them to her as I can't get them both done by tonight and they are leaving first thing in the morning.

Jean: His aunt sounds like a pistol. You can keep your weather. I hate the cold so much as it kills my knees. Are the grandkids getting excited about Christmas? I hope Jackson likes what we bought him, but I am sure he will. I just feel bad for Thomas about the race. I am going to have to think of something for him too though his mom wants us to wait to give him his presents until Christmas Eve.

Maggie: We went from $109 for October to $226 for November's heat. We have all electric and I am told it is more expensive than gas, but who knows? I am not going to sit and freeze just to have a lower heating bill.

Everyone have a nice weekend. Faye

Jean 12-07-2013 11:16 AM

Good Morning, Flowers! It was -9 when I got up this morning and has warmed up to -4; it's heading up to a high of 10 this afternoon. The wind is blowing and the sunshine is "iffy." I'm hoping to stay inside today and finish the tree. I thought if I started early enough I could decorate more around the house, the way I used to, but that's not happening. I don't think the grandkids will even notice. I did get two more gifts crossed off my list yesterday so I could start wrapping.

"Gma" -- I would be glad to have the race cancelled too! :cheer: I'm sure Thomas is disappointed but better safe than sorry. I'm sure both our gas and electric bills will be high next month since I've been running the little space heater by my tv watching chair, plus the Christmas lights. I hate being cold! Will Thomas mind waiting until Christmas Eve for his gifts?

I need to get busy and accomplish something this morning. The washer is waiting and the pile of laundry is ready to take downstairs, so I'm off! Enjoy your day and keep warm! :wave:

Maggie 12-07-2013 12:41 PM


It is another cold day here in the ♥-Land between a low of 11° and a high of 16° with a 20% chance of needed rain. This evening is when my Bro-in-Law is due to arrive. Hopefully he is here before dinner but if now Will and I will enjoy it by ourselves. I’ll be making Beef Stroganoff (lightened version) which is so yummy.

After while I am going to make us a nice brunch and try out my new little Breakfast Sandwich Maker. I’ll also peel oranges and we will have the sections to eat along with it.

That Cecil comes in from the cold and expects to be petted. The little scudder’s hair is ice cold to the touch but he needs the reassurance that I still like him.

In going through those magazines and tossing them I tore out just a couple recipes and one is real intriguing. Out of the August issue of Eatingwell Magazine I tore out the “7 Delicious Flavor Combinations of Fruit Sorbet in 5 Easy Steps” article. Not a big surprise, I am sure you know that I do have one of those ice cream makers that they used and keep the innards in the freezer so it will be ready to use.:cp: I can also make frozen yogurt in that freezer mechanism. It is something I use in the warm weather and that is not now. :no: I used to use the old fashioned method where you use ice cube trays to freeze the mixture in than break it all into chunks and then process it. The combinations they have listed are some interesting paring of flavors.

JEAN Tis the season my friend. We didn't decorate nearly as much as we used to but are having a great time with what we put out anyway. The snowflake lights we hung in the picture window sure look nice especially to those driving by. We keep the drapes drawn and they give a nice soft glow of brightness behind them. We have our stuffed couple standing beside a side table. They are about 3 feet tall and dressed for winter. They are really antique store front decorations but we got them cheep at a garage sale. :lol: I think we will end up donating them to the museum one day.

DONNA FAYE Yes electric heat is more expensive than gas but you have to use what came with your place. The heat here in the house is gas which we are thankful for. Good thing they did cancel that race for safety sake. The runners really do understand but don't like it for they are pumped up and ready to go.

PS: Back later ~ That breakfast sandwich maker is sure a keeper for it sure made a good brunch. When we were back a bit later to the store to get some things we needed to pick up there were no more of those little sandwich makers left and they had a whole lot of them before. Guess they flew off the shelf. I just got through making some 2P+ thin sausage patties to use later for they will freeze well. Our guest won't get here till maybe tomorrow for he got caught in a snowstorm in Texas.

Have a great day my friends. :wave:
Always remember ~ A setback is only a setup for a comeback.

Jean 12-08-2013 12:41 PM

Good Morning, Flowers! It is windy and cold with light snow falling. The ground is covered so guess the weatherman was serious this time around. Bell practice was horrible this morning! It was like we'd never seen either piece before! But when we "performed," I at least, didn't screw up my part. http://forums.delphiforums.com/dir-i.../bigSmile.icon We played Carol of the Bells and What Child is This; I don't play much in either one and it's hard to concentrate and keep my mind on the music when I'm not playing.

Maggie -- I hope your rain doesn't freeze and your brother-in-law arrives safely. He was wise to stay put in Texas. The older I get, the more I pay attention to warnings about the possible storms. Glad your breakfast sandwich maker is a keeper! :cp:

I have got to finish the tree today! I worked on it awhile yesterday, but lost interest. I have several glass or breakable ornaments to sort through since I'm not putting them on the tree this year. Sonny found the stuffed mouse that every other cat has played with over the years. It doesn't have cat nip in it, but I hang it low hoping they will leave the rest alone. He had it off in record time and hid it under a chair. Like I've said before, "he is like having a two year old" again. :lol:

Bob is picking up chicken dinners and one for his secretary. I may be on call tomorrow to take her to her doctor's appointment in the afternoon. Hope you all enjoy a special day today! :wreath:

Maggie 12-08-2013 04:03 PM

Snowey Sunday

It is currently 17°s and 51% chance of precipitation. We got just enough snow to make things white all over ~ probably just an inch but it is sure pretty and the fluffy kind and not the slick hard kind so it isn’t hard to walk in. Our guest is still stuck in Texas and may not get here until maybe Tuesday ~ the day he was planning on leaving here heading on to CO to visit one of his sons and daughter-in-law. Texas doesn’t have much in the way of snow removal equipment like we do here in this state and they won’t have the highways open until tomorrow morning.

Beanie just took a dead bird away from Cecil and Will just made him go outside. We don’t want them playing with those types of toys inside. We have never had a cat that was such a great hunter.

Tonight after services we will go round where there are housing and look at the Christmas lights that folks have put up. Tis the season. I do so love this time of the year.

JEAN My bro-in-law couldn't get out of Texas for the roads were covered with wrecked cars and trucks and snow. I hope he stays safe ~ Will talks to him and things are OK with him for he didn't get in any of the slipping and sliding road wreck stuff but he just can't come on down the road at present. They need to open the road and clean up all the wrecked cars and trucks. We did get to spend some time visiting with him when we were out in CA but lots of his 6 children & their kids he hasn't seen in awhile for they live in different states. Your cat sounds a lot like ours. Cecil likes to tease the dogs with their toys.

Have a great afternoon/evening my friends. :wave:
Always remember ~ A setback is only a setup for a comeback.

QuilterInVA 12-09-2013 08:42 AM

Good morning, ladies! 37 degrees and rain right now but headed for 45 this day. We've had rain for the last few days but it never got cold. The winter storm passed us to the west. Richmond is 50 miles from here and they get snow a lot and we get none at all - and I glad for that!

I've been doing Christmas things - had a covered dish with First Thursday Bee last Thursday, and open house on Saturday, and brunch with friends yesterday. Since I'm by myself, my decorating consists of hanging the Christmas tree quilt on my front door, the angel on the lamp post and getting out my fake poinsettia for the coffee table. Faye, I'm glad they cancelled the race, too. No need to go out and break a leg! Did they cancel the whole thing or are they rescheduling it?

Jean, I'm sure Casper would have a Christmas tree knocked over by now. He has to be on top of everything, the higher the better. He surely is into everything!

Maggie, I know you'll enjoy you sandwich maker. I saw them at Walmart here. I hope they get the roads open so you BIL can get to your house.

Have a wonderful Day...I'm off to applique Bee at Bella Fabrics.

Maggie 12-09-2013 03:09 PM

Marvelous Monday

Today’s temps are said to be between 27° and 7°. Our heater goes constantly cycling on and off as needed. Believe me we are thankful for it but it sure dries out my nose. :yes:

The dogs are getting a haircut and bath today and they sure need that bath. :yes: They get so excited when we ask them if they want to go get a haircut. I am so thankful we have such a nice groomer here in this little berg. The only drawback is the cat is going to be crabby while they are gone. :lol: Cats are such funny little creatures.

We heard from my bro-in-law and he got in late last night and was up and rested this morning and at noontime we all went out for lunch and had a good gab vest. Right now Will has him out in the Jeep riding around so he can see the area and our favorite places we go to.

I have my old WW recipe (plus veggies I have added to it) for Beef Stroganoff out and am making that for dinner today. I have the meat all cut into strips and the mushrooms, celery and onions sliced and all the other ingredients in the crock pot to cook all afternoon and it sure makes the house smell so good and yummy. The sour cream & flour mixture doesn't get added until the end of the cooking process.

SUSAN Once our guest got through Texas he got here in good condition for we have a great road crew that keeps the surrounding roads cleared. We had a great time talking with him especially when we were out to lunch. He will be leaving in the morning off to CO after breakfast. Needles to say we will be missing the WW meeting tonight because we have an out of town guest.

Have a great afternoon/evening my friends. :wave:
Always remember ~ A setback is only a setup for a comeback.

gma22 12-09-2013 03:29 PM

Good afternoon gals. Just a short post as I am not feeling well today. I feel fluish, but I made sure my blood sugar is ok and it is so guess I just have the blue funk. I can't get warm, am achy and have a horrible headache. I haven't gotten anything done, but working on the laundry and doing up the dishes.

Maggie: I am so glad you bil got there ok. Jay and Alicia left for home yesterday morning at 6:30 AM. There were 5 semi accidents within first 100 miles and it took them 5 hours to get that far!!! They didn't get home until 9:30 PM their time and they had school and work this morning.

Jean: Oooh, I love "Carol of the Bells." Thomas's winter concert is tomorrow night so I sure hope I am feeling better by then. I hate missing his concerts. Chicken sounds yummy. We are having cold shrimp for me and crab cakes for Jack. He is having tater tots and I am having a couple of them, but mostly vinegar coleslaw. I made it this morning and it is nice and mixed up so it will be great. I use Truvia for the sugar substitute, red wine vinegar, and a bit of canola oil.

Susan: I don't think they are going to reschedule. You would be a real Scrooge to contact St Jude's and tell them you want your donation back since they didn't race so they did get money. It was mostly disgruntled runners. Sunday was much worse. It was foggy and icy and horrible. We got out and back from the commissary though so at least we have groceries now. :lol:

Gals, I am going to go wrap up in a blanket and finish watching "Love It or List It" until Jack gets home in an hour. Have a great start to your week. Faye

Jean 12-09-2013 06:23 PM

Good Evening, Flowers! It's been another cold day in my neighborhood -- it was -6 this morning and warmed up to 4 this afternoon. Whoopee! The wind is blowing but the sun did shine all day. We had lots of money to count this morning since the children's program was yesterday and more people were in church. Just as one was ready to get on the computer, and I was ready to copy checks, the copy machine repairman shows up. He set me back a good 45 minutes, :hyper: and I was antsy to get going. If it's a small deposit we could skip copying the checks but with $18,000+ the secretary thought I should make copies. By the time I picked up the gift shop money and got home it was almost noon. I had to run a couple errands this afternoon and stopped for a few groceries so am now home for the night. Bob had practice and a meeting right afterwards so won't see him for a couple more hours.

Maggie -- Glad your bil arrived safely and you're enjoying a nice visit. I don't think as many homes have outside lights this year, or else they are just late in putting them out. I enjoy a drive in the country to see the farm lights.

Susan -- I'm glad the winter storm missed you. I was wondering as I watched the national weather news. I know I wouldn't decorate a tree if I lived by myself. Yesterday we finished the tree and I had two tiny stuffed fabric ornaments just laying on the end table. Today when I came home both were clear across the room next to the feline toy box. Mr. Blue Eyes looked at me just like he was going to say, "I didn't do that!" I haven't seen the mouse he took off with so am guessing it's under the loveseat and he can't get to it.

"Gma" -- I hope you are feeling better by now! I know there is flu going around. Bob's secretary is having so much trouble with her leg swelling. She was supposed to have her knee stitches out today but the surgeon left them in. She has whatever it is called when they remove lymph nodes and the body accumulates the fluid that the lymph system moves around the body. She feels good and would like to come to the office to walk the "loop" but is confined to her small house because of having home health care help.

Guess I will turn the outside Christmas lights on and start pulling shades and blinds so as to keep the cold out and the heat in. Hope you all enjoy a nice warm evening! :tree:

gma22 12-10-2013 07:24 AM

Good morning to you all. Don't know what was going on with me yesterday. I had a fever of 101 and just felt awful. I went to bed at 6 PM and slept until I heard Jack get up and go to the bathroom around 3 then went back to sleep until he got up at 5. I feel fine so far this morning.

Tonight is Thomas's winter concert so will pull out the Christmas sweater to wear. I have a cute black one with a little white snowman and little sparkles all over it. I think it is one of those from QVC, the Quacker Factory ones.

I had Alicia's other mitten completely done except the thumb and noticed I goofed and knitted the left hand glove again so had to tear the whole glove out! I am back to the cuff and starting over, but this time I am paying attention and knitting the right handed one. On mitten with no pattern they are interchangeable, but with pattern you have right and left and I guess I was so zoned yesterday I didn't pay attention to it.

I am expecting a new visa check card today from my bank. Someone charged some stuff from Sephora on it and I know I didn't so again had to cancel the card and get another one. They do send it FEDEX two day so you get it pretty quickly. I have to wait until the authorization posts before I can make out a fraud charge and get my money back though. It is still showing authorized only so maybe it is a mistake that will drop off, who knows. I am such a tiger about watching my bank account. I check it everyday and balance everyday just so we don't have major problems.

My blood glucose continues to be way into the normal range so I am hoping I won't have to continue on the insulin for very long and just take the oral meds for awhile. I am convinced it was the hormones as I have had pasta and lo mein and other things that are carb heavy, though not all at once. The night I had pasta and I checked my blood sugar the next morning my reading was 82 so who knows? I just know I am not having the incontinence problems or any of the other stuff when I was on those darn pills. My female stuff has stopped again too, which is nice. I haven't heard from the doctor's office though so if I don't hear from them by the end of the month I will call his scheduling nurse and see what is up.

Jean: We have warmed up a few degrees over freezing now so that is better than it was, but still below what we usually are this time of year. I don't care too much as long as there isn't snow and ice I have to deal with walking. We used to have copy problems all the time at the law firm. I think it is because the darn things were used so much. They finally moved them up onto another floor and all the copying was done by people that were hired specifically for it. I think they had 6 copy machines up there and assorted other things like fax machines and such. I worked up there overtime sometimes when the drunk manager didn't come into work. Mainly I answered the phones at her desk and did her job. She would come to work wreaking of booze everyday.

Well girls, I really want to get work done. You all have a great day today. Faye

Maggie 12-10-2013 05:53 PM

Titilating Tuesday

It is currently 42° and a sunny day. Snow is melting all over and I feel great. We just got back from having lunch at a local restaurant with some friends and I had half a hamburger which did fill me up with a few onion rings and had a good time yakking.

Will’s metal detector came today and we will watch the video later that came with it. It’s one of his Christmas presents and he is thrilled with it. He better be for I let him pick out which one he wanted. :lol:

I got the neatest little book today. It is a cute little 5¼ x 5¼ spiral bound book called MUG’EMS Meals & more. What a neat idea ~ recipes and ingredients in a mug. There are recipes for all kinds of foods with the ingredients scaled down to cook one serving in a mug. There are several other booklets that I am interesting getting also and have ordered their catalogue. I was interesting getting this particular book now because one of the board members of the city council gave us two huge boxes of coffee mugs and what a neat way to gift them to others with food inside.

Dinner tonight will be an easy fix for we will have Beef Stroganoff that is left over from last nights dinner. My bro-in-law didn’t even know he was eating a meal prepared by a Weight Watchers recipe and he sure liked it.

DONNA FAYE Maybe all your body needed was a good nights sleep. You just do the best you can with those cards and someone can still sneak in there and get ya it seems. We only use those debit cards for charging and then change them every couple months. We totally avoid charging anything with the card hooked to our bank account.

JEAN There seems to be more lighted homes here this year than last. More fun animated things also like trains with wheels that spin, rain deer with heads that move, dancing lights and such.

Have a great afternoon/evening my friends. :wave:
Always remember ~ A setback is only a setup for a comeback.

gma22 12-11-2013 05:37 AM

Good morning to you all. It is chilly outside this morning and not going to warm up a whole lot. A least it is dry until tomorrow then we are going to get rain again and of course I have dr's appt the next two days.

Thomas's concert was great and my grandson even had a solo. It wasn't very long, but he did terrific. I posted it on my FB if you would like to hear it. They didn't seem to have as many this year as last year when we couldn't find seats at all. They did split the bands and the choirs so that not all of them sat out in the auditorium at the same time, but they still took up one whole section of the church. We enjoyed it very much and it wasn't all that long about 90 minutes.

I got my shoes last night and one pair I am returning to the store tomorrow and the other I will probably keep and wear even though they are a bit big. I think the next size down will be too small and they are comfortable and have slip and oil resistant grip on the bottom, which is good for me. They are basic black shoes so I can wear them with dress pants or jeans.

I have her mitten more than halfway done so I imagine I can finish it today. I would like to mail them out to her tomorrow when I go to the post office and get Christmas stamps and mail my niece's package.

I ordered this beautiful periwinkle colored yarn that is silk for my sleeveless sweater. I am going to use the old yarn I bought and didn't have enough of from last year to make something else or several something elses. I made sure I had enough of this yarn to make the sweater so in case it sells out I can finish the sweater and shouldn't run out of yarn.

Maggie: Glad Will likes his Christmas present. I still have all of Thomas's presents to wrap but did wrap Tom's parents present and took it with me to the concert and gave it to her last night. Her husband wasn't well enough to go. Since I buy most of the stuff with my card, seems mine gets compromised more, but our bank is johnny on the spot about replacing the funds and fixing everything. We have been with them for over 20 yrs and never been disappointed. We have our car loan and our regular credit card with them too.

Well girls, Jack will be up soon and I have to test my blood this morning. Have a wonderful middle of the week. Faye

Maggie 12-11-2013 05:11 PM

Wonderful Wendnesday

I’m not sure exactly when we are supposed to warm up here but today’s high is 22° with a low of 13° and no chance of snow or rain. What snow we had is just about all gone now, which is nice for I don’t like walking in it like I did in my younger years. No longer do I like frolicking in the snow ~ guess that is a sign of “growing up.”

I just noticed I have a scratch down the length of my right ring finger. It skips along 4 places till it reaches my nail. I wonder which animal’s territory I got into during my sleep. Cecil doesn’t have any front claws but I do think it was him. It isn’t a deep scratch but a scratch none the less.

This being so close to losing 100 pounds is playing with my mind ~ it is right there out of my reach. I can’t seem to get my head wrapped around losing weight this holiday season like I did last year. As I remember I lost all through the holidays. I am more than half way to my goal and don’t want to quit but I have sure slowed down. Hopefully when the New Year arrives I can get my head straight and back on program for the long haul.

I got 3 other books now with recipes to gift food in different containers. One is Gifts in a Jar: Soups & Bread and another is Gifts in a Jar: Sweet Endings and the third is Hip 2b Square: Square Treats - Hip Eats. I have lots of folks to give these types of gifts to in a jar or tinfoil bread pans with decorative Christmas tops. I am going to have fun assembling them and making up the instructions. After I decide which recipes to make then I can make a list and do some shopping. The recipes from the Mug’Em book will be great to give to college students and single folks for they are for one serving. I do love this time of year for gift giving especially. I am going to package up some little bags of Rain-deer Food to give to the little children. In the past years I have been asked by adults for a bag also. I use those little 2 x 3½ inch ones for that food for they do hold quite a bit. It is just a mix of quick cooking oats and red and green sugar granules which aren’t harmful if a kid eats some.

I am still waiting for my new charms to arrive so I can get them on my bracelet before the New Year. They should be here any day now.

DONNA FAYE How nice that the children's concert went well and your grandson had a solo. I know you are so proud of him! :cp: Did you take a picture of his performance to put in your memory bouquet?

Have a great afternoon/evening my friends. :wave:
Always remember ~ A setback is only a setup for a comeback.

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