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I'm back home safe and sound. Stayed a little longer today than intended but that's okay. Not sure I'll be going back this week end. That drive is getting a bit much.
Went back to Walmart today and helped my aunt pick out a tree and brought it home. Her grandson assembled it. My uncle didn't want to spend more than 90 dollars on one so I told her that as part of her Christmas present I'd pitch in for half of the more expensive one. She was pleased except the lights on the bottom didn't work. Not sure if the gs connected all of them. We had to get the display.
The pressure gauge light came on again in the Rav4 so I stopped at Gateway Tire on the way home to have the tires checked. He asked if anyone had checked the spare tire and I said no. It was the spare tire that was causing the problem, at 20 pounds. The light went off as soon as I turned the key. Who would have thought it could have been the spare tire!

Once you get used to the tablet you will love it. I like my 10 inch tablet. Easy to transport also. I bought the Verizon Hot Spot to go with my laptop before it crashed.

Know you are glad to be back home. Didn't realize that DH was coming down to pick you up. I was feeling sorry for him having to spend TG by himself. Sounds like you have a busy week ahead.

I like the title for December.

How was your Thanksgiving?

Did you get to do any exercising Thanksgiving? I didn't but will tomorrow.
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