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happy2bme 11-01-2013 02:38 AM

Worldly Chicks Giving Thanks for Our Friendship
Ok missys - a new month has rolled around - rather quickly I must say. Was about to post and realized the clock has rolled over so figured I would just set up the new thread since it's November at the moment on my side of the pond. Perhaps Shad is busy looking for new places to live and still in search of the lost luggage.

So here we are. Thank you Michelle for the suggestion. I also like the idea of celebrating our long term friendships with one another. :grouphug:

happy2bme 11-01-2013 03:29 AM

Ceejay - well good for you for getting the HD enhancer set up on the tv. I do admit I shy away from that stuff. So you got lots of rain to discourage the Trick or Treaters? Hope you bought candy you don't like or contribute it to the candy bowl at work.

Annie - OMG on the ankle. Good heavens, no wonder you are in such pain. Be careful with the walking so as not to wind up hurting yourself more than helping. That's how I got all messed up. I was subconsciously adjusting for the hip pain and it messed up everything else. You'd be better off kicking your feet in a nice fountain instead :lol: I hope you didn't get the wretched weather they were predicting. Glad to hear that the coaching with your brother is going well. Since you asked, I am doing ok at the thrift shop - I sit when I can. My tailors bunion is acting up again - but that's the bursa sac too and it might be something with the hip sacs - I will have to see what irritates the little buggers. And Nina seems to be back to her well self :crossed: - thank you for asking. We are keeping her on the diet of prescribed dry food and giving her a small bit of wet canned food once a day - but poultry products only and we do not give her cat treats - we sneak them to her sister who loves them dearly. At one point after her antibiotics shot when she seemed to be fine, we went back to treats, canned food and got lax on the diet and she gassed up again so I believe she does have some food/cereal/filler type of allergies. Perhaps she is gluten intolerant :yikes: But with a controlled diet, she seems to do fine and is one crazy, crazy cat that constantly amuses DH.

Hi Susie! :wave:

Michelle - thank you for the thread suggestion this month. Good one! Bummer that you have to cover the help desk calls. :rolleyes: But I agree with you - some people don't even attempt to try and troubleshoot before they call. I remember one time we were having a devil of a time with someone and it turned out the cleaning people hit the off switch on the powerstrip without anyone knowing that had happened. That was a pretty lengthy slap your head type of call. Hope your eye is all healed up. How's Santa doing?

Laura - I'm surprised in this day and age that anyone would serve liquor at the office. If there was a party of that sort - we'd have it at a restaurant to avoid the potential of liability. That was nice though that they did recognize your volunteering efforts. Congrats on the pounds down - no doubt a kickstart to your recommitment. Always feels good to see that. Sorry that you have a bunion that bothers you - when you want a real horror story - I will tell you about bunion surgery. :yikes: The various party themes sound like it was a really fun event. I guess you could have gone in with your costume minus BF and billed yourself as a "good egg" :rofl: not that people would have "got it" as I think that's a pretty old saying. Pretzel necklaces sound rather interesting, have to remember that.

Shad - I wish I might, I wish I could come stay with you in your spare bedroom for a while. Would LOVE to see NZ and Australia, particularly with a tour guide as good as you. I am convinced I would also need an interpreter. :lol: Your description of the buildings is so picturesque and I really enjoyed your description of them. Such old history. We are woefully not used to it in the states here, unless you are in New England up by Mel or in parts of the west where the cowboys were. In any event, we are a new country and don't have quite the charm I think that exists in other countries. We are more scenic in nature I would say. We have been reading more about early logging and such in this area and are learning a great deal of fascinating facts. Isn't that horrid the prices on underwear? DH gets a large packet of tidy whitey's for practically what I pay for one of my garments - and I'm not talking Victoria's Secret fancy stuff. We both get Fruit of the Looms except I guess I get the pricer grapes :rofl: Still :crossed: that they find your stuff soon.

And I know what you mean about missing Mel's comments. Something we were talking about the other day reminded me of how she'd just run with it and it made me rather blue and missing her. :hug:

Now that we've rolled into the first of the month I will try Jen again. I would err on the side of caution and send anything to Jen's apartment only in case they have confiscated Mel's place (which is also a sad moment :( ) and not sure if they have moved her to long term care so I probably wouldn't send mail to the rehab place either. I wish Jen was more communicative too but some people - most of my friends in fact - are just not good about communicating. They are always glad to hear from me but most of the time if I didn't call them, I'd not hear from them and I gather that Jen did not use the computer for socializing as much as Mel did. Will let you know of course if I hear anything.

Today was my last day at the Thrift Shop for a while. I only work one afternoon before I leave for Mom's. One guy needs to have his knee replaced so he asked if I could cover his shift on Tuesday mornings. As much as I don't like to get up early, I said sure. My tailors bunion needs another shot of cortisone - the hip shot wasn't enough to calm all the swelling and I don't see the podiatrist before December. I am going to call my doctor and see if I can get booster shots in the hips - one was clearly not enough. If I sleep on my back my back hurts terribly in the morning - if I sleep on my side, my neck hurts. Enough of this baloney. I am trying to be super careful with my temporary crown - so far so good, although it is a bit of a challenge to come up with softer foods. I also need some fruit and vegetables. I can cook veggies to mush and got some bananas. I think if I slice apples and peel them I'll be ok too. I took a Pepcid because my tummy was bothering me, I hate taking that because it seems the acid reducer really makes me very sensitive to the most minute amount of fats or acid and I seem to get in a vicious circle having to take that daily which I don't like at all. Now that we are into November and I have nothing else to distract me except for physical therapy sessions, I really need to focus on some things I want to get done and lists of things not to forget before I leave. My sister said my Mom is very, very excited that I am coming to visit. I hope this flying thing works out ok so I can do that more often next year.

Our weather was cold and drizzly. We didn't have anyone stop in the store for Halloween treats except for a couple who brought their 2 dogs in - one had a superman / superdog costume and the other had some orange thing on - not sure if he was a pumpkin or a foot ball :lol: I gave them some treats. Our hours for trick or treat were from 4pm to 7pm so people were coming out on the street as I was closing up for the day. I did get to see 3 groups of young school kids marching up and down Main Street. Apparently the grade school did a sort of impromptu kiddie Halloween Parade which was nice but they just went for a walk and were not looking for treats. Too bad because I have a very large bag of candy that needs to get disposed of. It's all stuff I can't eat with my tooth right now so it's up to DH to resist ;)

We had a very slow day at the store today. Only 50 dollars in sales and half of that was my purchases. I do what I can :^:

Oh well - just looked at the time - there goes another resolution to get to bed earlier although I was watching some tv and managed to doze off without even realizing it. I think I must have slept at least an hour.

Happy November chicks - hope it's a good one for all of us :hug: Let's put all sickness, illness and misfortune behind us for a change.

annie175 11-01-2013 09:48 AM

TGIF and PF = Pay Friday! Yeah! Need to get some bills paid. You know how the auto insurance just pops in the mailbox and it is always a surprise because we pay 6 mos at a time. I know it is coming, then am surprised when it gets here. What a boob!

Tonite is trick or treat nite for the kiddos. Thank God they changed it as it came down like a monsoon. Thunder, lightening and high, high winds. My lil batman I am sure will be the talk of the neighborhood, especially because he is the only one that is little, everyone else is 5 or more.

HAPPY...thank you so much for starting the new thread. Too bad you didn't get any treaters at the Thrift shop. It is h*ll getting old with all these ailments and aches. I guess it beats the alternative and six feet under. I do hope the extra booster shot helps and your visit with momma isn't with pain. Ha ha glad you also not only work at the Thrift shop but support it too. Kind of like me working at CVS and buying all the mark down stuff. Defeats the purpose.

CHELLE...good idea on the thread title. I like it. How's the eye and how is Santa doing?

Hello to the rest of ya's cause I can't remember from last month's post and too lazy to go back.

Be safe, happy and healthy girls...let's make it a great month!

annie175 11-01-2013 10:54 AM

My front yard tree, so pretty
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Laura705 11-01-2013 11:32 AM

Morning all!

Annie - Beautiful color on the that tree - is that in your back yard?? And a shadow shot of you, lol. Nice blue sky - was that taken today?? We still have gloom and rain here, but I, too, was enjoying the beautiful fall foliage on the trees during my walk from home to the train station this morning. Hope you get lots of cute kiddies in costume tonight. So your li'l guy is gonna be batman?? Photos please!!

Michelle - LOL re the help desk calls. I hope it at least makes you feel good that your not computer clueless like the rest of us poor saps, or at least speaking for myself. I've been putting off a call to the help desk to ask them for the short version of our new e-mail archiving system. It was changed a couple weeks back and I don't want to bother with reading the docs they sent. Okay, maybe I will take the time to do that this afternoon. How's your eye? Is Santa back in his regular daycare now?

Shad - Glad to hear your bag was found, whew. Too bad about the way too low airline reimbursement on the replacement items you bought while waiting. Wonder where your bag went off to... Good luck with the apartment hunt. So your assignment must be a good length for you to be getting one, as well as the house sitter back home. I do miss Mel too. Miss her posts and the pictures and her funny take on stuff. I hope Happy hears from Jen.

Happy - Yes, I think I would have trouble working in a shop and buying as much as I was selling (or more, LOL). Had to look up tailor's bunion - little toe thing, huh. No, don't want to hear about bunion surgery - I'm sure it's some horrible procedure that involves breaking and grinding. Glad to hear Nina is doing well now on her special diet and being the crazy happy kitty she is. :) Yup, so much to do, so little time. I might try to finish the zipper replacement project this weekend.

Ceejay - Gosh I don't even know what that thing you did to your tv is - does it make your tv smart??? :wizard: Are you enjoying your weekend yet? I'm so ready for Friday today!! The boss, who's used up all her vacation time, has now taken to having "doctor appointments" on a regular basis and leaving the office early. She just finished a major project yesterday so I'm not surprised she has one today, LOL.

Hi Susie! Did you get to see your nephews in costume yesterday?? By the time I got home (after 6:30), we didn't get a single trick-or-treater.

Nothing much to report. I left work later than I intended and missed my usual train by a hair.

I'd toted home the 6-pack I won in the raffle, so I had bf pick me up from the train.

After that, did nothing special, just watched some telly in bed (bf was watching a football game with a friend). Bf made chili, so that was dinner.

BF reported that doggy was going nuts over the kids coming to the house earlier in the day, so bf put the bowl of candy outside. Not much left of the candy at all, and only the twizzlers. I like those, but it's not like having chocolate around... whew!

Another whew - so far nobody here at the office has brought in any of their leftover candy.

Nothing planned for tonight. Tomorrow morning is a hair appointment followed by a dentist appointment.

No other plans except maybe to do a BE workout or two. House needs cleaning, as usual and Mt. Laundry awaits. Still have the bathroom work to do - might get over to that one plumbing supply joint - it's on the way back from the dentist.

Okay, time to get my Friday done with!!


annie175 11-01-2013 12:13 PM

LAURA...The tree is in my front yard. I took the pix last weekend. I will try to get a pix of lil man, just depends on if he is cooperating. We take him tomorrow to get his 2 yr pix. I may set a bowl out for the treaters tonight since I will be at Sissy's house. Good idea. I am thinking fruit snacks. I will go to Costco at lunch to get them in the bulk. I am meeting Sissy at the doc for her 3D ultrasound. Excited!!! Have a marvy weekend sister.

Laura705 11-01-2013 01:02 PM

Annie - You have a good weekend too! Good luck to sissy with the ultrasound today!

happy2bme 11-01-2013 01:14 PM

Morning all,

Annie - I would love to see Lil Man in his costume. Bribe him for pictures :rofl: Your tree is so pretty!!!! And by the shadow I can see you are taking the picture properly - with the sun to your back. We're so bare up here it's hard to believe that some of you are still enjoying the turning of the leaves so it's nice to see a colorful shot. I know what you mean about the shock of the car insurance bill - second only to the property taxes :lol: Are you getting busy at work with open enrollment?

Laura - bunion surgery is painful, requires a substantial recovery and the worst part I think is that you have to wear a boot for a while. And that boot is just enough to set your hips and back off kilter so if you do a lot of walking your back will start to complain very loudly. And the residual effect (which my current podiatrist confirmed) is that your little toe is brought closer to the next toe (leaning in a bit) so often I get the sensation that my little toe is "stuck" to it's neighbor which is weird. My biggest issue was that I had no idea what I was in for - had I known what to expect I would have handled it better. Put off the surgery until it's absolutely necessary - in the end it is worth putting an end to the crippling pain but I think bone surgery is much more painful than soft tissue surgery (ie gall bladder and such). Do you get your hair trimmed each time you go to the hairdresser or just get a touch up sometimes? I hope BF enjoys that beer after you lugged it all the way home :lol:

I'm going to shoot a quick note to Jen. I have some fresh mushrooms I need to use up so I'll send DH to work outside while I cook up some mushroom soup - he hates the stuff. I also have some round steak and need to put some steak and peppers on the stove to slow cook. Was watching an old show of Ina Garten where she made some crab cakes so I picked up some fresh crab for that - cholesterol tests be darned - at least for the moment ;) I have 2 lessons to work on for my writing class - one is a not so easy assignment I've been kicking around in my head the last 2 days. I guess I should also call the doctor and see if I can get in for another cortisone shot. Lots to do and it ain't getting done sitting here so ta ta ladies. Catch up with the rest of you later. Have a good weekend.

diyana 11-01-2013 01:47 PM

Morning ladies!

Another busy day here at work. First, I've got to analyze the Website traffic reports, summarize them in an understandable fashion, and then send them off to the managers. It's not as bad as it sounds...probably an hour or two at the most. Then it's on to other projects or crisis mitigation as needed.

I hope I didn't give y'all the impression I don't like "help desk". I know that some people I work with don't have as much computer experience as I do...nor do I expect them to. I just wish that some people would think a minute before they call. For example...if the laptop battery isn't charging....maybe the power cord isn't plugged in.

Today, I'm meeting with some clinical trial folks at Stanford Hospital. They are studying the effectiveness of combining pain medication with an anti-nausea med to helping with back pain. If I am selected for the trial, I get $500, and there's not much of a time commitment. That will help come Christmas shopping time, especially since my company is closing down from 12/23-1/1, so I'll be missing out of 8 days of pay. If you know anyone who needs a website built, let me know.

Tonight, I'm going to pick up Santa from day care and then go over to a co-worker's house. Her and her husband really decorate their yard for Halloween, and since they aren't taking the decorations down 'till the weekend, I told her I'd come by tonight to see it.

Tomorrow, I've got fasting labs (keeping my fingers crossed for a good A1C) in the morning. And Santa has a follow up visit with a vet for his kennel cough. He hasn't coughed at all in over a week, so I think he's fine.

Tomorrow night, D and I are going to do something. Not sure what. Maybe just watch TV at my house; maybe go to a movie (either Captain Phillips or Gravity).

My eye is doing much better. It's still itchy sometimes, but the swelling is nearly all gone. :-)

Annie - Good luck to Sissy on the ultrasound. Beautiful tree in your front yard! I'd love to see more photos of the lil man!

Happy - I agree about bunion/toe surgery. I had surgery on my little toe several years ago, and I had to wear the boot for a long time. And even after that, I had to get a bigger size shoe for my right foot than my left. Two pairs of the same style shoes was a pain in the butt. Good luck on your writing assignments.

Laura - I could use a hair trim and color touch up. The gray hairs are starting to show again.

Gotta get back to my reports.

Much love to all,

MyChoice2bfit 11-01-2013 02:36 PM

Hi! I found the new thread.

You all have been on my heart this week. I just couldn't seem to get here. I bet you can all guess why...WORK!

DH went to the cardiologist on Wednesday and he is back in Afib, so he has to have another Cardioconversion. He will have it next Friday on November 8!

It is very frustrating to live with afib, as it is a heart issue but it isn't one that has to do with being overweight, or the way you eat or anything like that. It just happens...it is electrical and so it doesn't have to do with blockages or things like that. It's hard to fix but it can be managed, so that is where we are.

DH's blood work is exception according to his doctors and the labs and his heart tests say it is in good shape. They would like to see him loose 15-20 lbs but they don't say to much to him about it. They did tell him that being more active can help sometimes with afib as does sleeping well and getting enough sleep. They said it is just something that happens and you never know how it will happen too.

I wasn't expecting it that soon as last time he had to wait almost 3 weeks. Of course that week I am OOO two days, one for training and one for a meeting that I'm running, and then being out on that Friday, so I was scrambling with working extra hours to make sure that other things next week are in place. Also I was handed a new project to spear-head. I was told I got it because I'm seen as a top Admin and role model and they want my branding on it. :dizzy: So, I have to turn in a brief on how I plan to handle this project, along with timelines and resources I need so we can get those in place and it is due next Tuesday.

I told them I was honored but I would need to shift some of my daily work to the other Admin's in my group so that I wasn't killing myself. I have proposed what they will take on from now until Feb when this is delivered. My Director said he would get me some help.

We had a lot of rain last night but still had trick or treat..we only had 1/4 of what we usually have come by. I'm returning the left over candy to Walmart today! I don't need it in the house and having the $$ would be nice. I bought for what we usually have in case the weather turned out differently and it is a bit $$$. I don't mind it when I can give it out to the kids but it's not going to just sit around.

Annie: what a beautiful tree...we have some beautiful ones here in Ohio as well. I love seeing all those colors.

Happy: tell me about your writting class. I used to love to write and I try to journal..but don't get to it as much as I would like to.

Laura: I LOVE getting my hair done. It gives me a new perspective every time! :) My brother sent some pics on my nephews in their costumes that they wore to school that day. It rained to much for him to take them out.

diyana: good luck with those labs. I hope you get good results.

I've got to get back to work..I promise to see more of you all!

My goals for November are: a 6-8 lbs loss for the month, to get in 30 min of exercise at least 4-5 days a week and to post at least 3 times a week.

Shad 11-01-2013 03:19 PM

Swore I posted yesterday - and so I did, just on the old thread.

Nothing much going on here right now. Mind you it is only 7.15am on a Saturday. I have to go onto the website shortly and see if I can drum up some more apartments to go look at. Have one at 12.30 today and that is doubtful since they want a long term lease and I have only five months. So the chase is on AGAIN.
Yes my luggage arrived safe and sound from Melbourne of all places. Don't know where they found it or how but it is here all safe and sound. I must get a thank you card today to send to the lost luggage people at Wellington Airport. They have been great in diligence and giving out information good or bad. I appreciate that sort of service.

Something strange going on on this website so I think I better keep it short and sweet. My screen is moving. And the cursor is jumping around.

My niece is blossoming well and has only about 36 days to go until the birth of little peanut. She hasn't put on a lot of weight - only 6 Kilo so she tells me, which is around 14 pounds give or take and she is looking and feeling very well. It's really been a stress free pregnancy for her - and thank the powers that be that this is so. Probably the baby will turn out to be a little sh*t, since I had exactly the same sort of pregnancy with DS1 and he was a holy terror until he was around 9 months old with colic and hyperactivity and sheer freaking stubbornness. She is having a baby shower next weekend to which I am invited, but unless I resolve the situation with my sister, I may very well just go for a short time and then leave, or I might just get antsy and annoy the living daylights out of my sister who will probably not retaliate but will go into a blue funk and ruin the party. Such is life.

Anyway, this is getting too annoying. I will be back later with personals and maybe something to add to the storyline of the ongoing apartment hunt.

ceejay52 11-01-2013 08:50 PM

My cursor has been jumping around all over the place too but it's not just this sight. I've tried some different things but to no avail. Glad the luggage finally arrived and good luck on finding an apartment.

Thanks for setting up the new thread. I agree about mailing things to Jen instead of Mel right now. I need to get her another card in the mail. I have two t.v.s that have High Definition but one doesn't get a clear picture. I have cable hd on the other one. I bought this thing which enhances the HD. Browzing at Walmart and found it. It works well. If I can find another one I'm going to cancel the HD part on my cable bill. So far it is doing a good job.

My city was very lucky last night-reason storms. Didn't even know that there was a tornado warning out until I heard the sirens going off. And yes there were trick or treator's out but I didn't see any little one. When the siren went off there were two youn teen agers that were making a b line back home. Don't know how far they had to go. There was a small town that had some destruction and it was put on curfew last night. We had some power outages but nothing to severe. My area was notaffected. I love the fall foliage. The picture is beautiful.

I felt like a help desk person yesterday. My neighbor brought over her new phone and said the phone wasn't charging. Dah the one she had didn't fit her phone. I had some extra's and luckily one fit it. She'd even called her provider and told them that it wouldn't charge. They are sending her a new phone. It's charged now but she had no idea as to make a phone call or do a text. Hope the lab results are good.

You do sound like a busy person. I'm glad that you told them that you could not do all the work by yourself. Hope the DH does well with his procedure.

I know from experience that a bunionectomy is not an easy experience, but when it gets to painful you will know that you are ready. I didn't have to have a boot but my mom did. I was on a walker for two weeks and couldn't put my foot down on the floor, basically all I could do was go to the table and potty. I could only take a sponge bath. I had to take the pain meds the doctor gave me cause when that started to knit back together I wanted to scream. I don't think it did my mom that way though. But that could have been from the hammer toe I had done at the same time.
I'd like to see both of those movies.

I've had a busy day. Got up at 7 a.m. this morning to get the garbage to the curb then washed some bed clothes then went to the doctor. He takes walk ins. But today was Friday and they work till noon I got there at 9 and got back to a room but he was over run with patients with basically what I am havingsome was worse than me. So it was 10.30 before I got to see him. I have two rx's and got an injection He said no flu shot until this infection is gone. Come back in two weeks. I've had a sinus infection for awhile that will not go away (which started with harvest season) and been having fluid in my ears with headaches.
While in the doctor's office i'm reading all the notices on the wall and saw that they are recommending My Plate web sight. and one for a medical receptionist. I'm so tempted to put in my application for the medical receptionist. but it probably isnt' feasable for me to do this right now.
After that our department at work had lunch together at 11.a.m. We won the safety award this month for no work related injuries Found out the latest gossip about my bosses. The one over water sewer is going to become a grandpa, and my immediate boss and his girlfriend are having a baby.

happy2bme 11-02-2013 01:25 PM

Morning all,

All my plans for yesterday got set aside. My cousin called and asked if I wanted to go on a shopping trip - which around here involves a substantial drive. Oh yes I do! So...

Ceejay - I know it might be tempting at times to look at other things besides your current job but take a step back and consider what you'd be giving up - ie. service time, paid vacation, possibly an increase in pension benefits, etc. Also you'd more than likely take a cut in pay and benefits. You don't have that much longer, just try to hang in there - tempting as it may be otherwise. Besides - look what happened to your friend.

Shad - I hope this morning finds you with a decent place to live and reunited with your clothes and luggage. :D That's unfortunate about the rift with your sister - hope things can be mended - would be a pity for you to miss out on the shower of a niece you clearly enjoy over the pettiness of some sibling miscontent. :hug:

Susie - congrats on the new assignment - good for you for pushing back a bit and asking for some help with your regular duties now that you have this new assignment. It's always nice to hear that they see and appreciate that you are good at your work, they just need to remember that you are not superwoman as I imagine everyone is being asked to do more and more these days. Good luck with DH's cardioconversion. They told my DH that a CPAP would also help the afib but I'm with you - I think it's electrical in natural (the problem) and while other things help the heart health, the afib is an issue unto itself. Bummer that they scheduled it on an already busy week for you. :(

Michelle - wow that's a nice chunk of change for participating in the clinical trials. Hope it works out for you! I didn't take away from your comments that you don't like the help desk work - just that you wished people would do a little checking beforehand for the basics instead of just picking up the phone and that is a perfectly normal reaction. Although I have to admit (reluctantly) I am getting there myself. I took the cell phone with me yesterday and could not for the life of me figure out how to turn the darn thing on. :mad: I pressed every button on the back and the perimeter without success. In the end I just decided I'd order DH whatever sandwich I thought he'd like. I got home and he said the power button is in the front of the phone on the key pad in really teeny letters. Oh geez. But at least I tried first :lol: And I know a lot of people who are just giving up on Windows 8. I'm not sure I can adjust to a touchpad / no keyboard device either. :lol: Phone yes, computer no.

Anyway I have lots to do so I will get on with the day. Have a good weekend everyone.

diyana 11-02-2013 04:24 PM

Up early for fasting labs. Then home for breakfast and did laundry which is drying on the clothesline. Lots of walking (lab at hospital is a LONG walk from parking garage), and bending (picking up Santa's piles and hanging clothes). Back is sore. Head is foggy. I'm tired. Santa's appointment is in 1.5 hours, and I should do some writing. I feel like watching my DVRed Grey's Anatomy or napping. I think I'll compromise and at least get an invoice off to a client.

D is coming over around 5. And we'll either go to a movie or watch some DVDs that I checked out from the library.

Happy - don't feel bad about the phone...I rarely turn it off, and when I do, I usually forget how to turn it back on. Also...to show that I'm not a true techie...I still haven't gotten my e-books to my tablet so I can read them. LOL

I hope everyone's doing well. I'm glad I get an extra hour tomorrow (for sleep or writing or other fun).

Love to all,

ceejay52 11-02-2013 06:16 PM

I've been to Paragould and back to eat with the uncles. One uncle and his wife didn't show and another aunt and cousin didn't show. Had a good visit anyway.

I've been updating my old computer. I've been using it for awhile with out the updates. Now I need to get busy on cleaning house. It is not bad but I want to give it a once over and pick up behind myself.

I'm tired too. Those steriod injections always keep me wide awake till wee hours of the morning. I'll sleep good tonight.

I know I could not make a living at the doctor's office. That's just wishful thinking. But thanks for bringing into reality. I can manage two more years.

To the rest :wave:

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