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Good morning, ladies. 37 degrees right now and not going much higher. Going to be down in the 20s tonight. Brr!

Nothing happening today but the Y to workout.

Faye, here's a link to ACL injury. If you remember, I tore my ACL a couple of years ago (an meniscus another time). The ACL is a ligament and it will heal but you need to have a brace and do PT to strengthen it. There's a good picture on the link. Replacing the knee would not help an ACL injury or be necessary.

No one looks forward to surgery, but you sure have tried it all and this needs to end! Can it be done laproscopically?

Jean, you can keep you cold and snow. I saw a few flakes yesterday but it was too warm for any accumulation. Wish I could find a couple of money bags I forgot about around here!

Hi Maggie!

Keep warm and have a great day!

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