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That article is spot on! Maintenance is HARD and in many ways more difficult than losing weight loss. Weight loss is a few months/years. Maintenance is forever, which can be many, many years (for me hopefully at least 50!).

-striving towards a weight loss goal gives you motivation. Once that's met, you lose the goal-what's the motivation now? No more smaller clothes, no more compliments. Just a whole lot of the same. It's easy to get lazy and lose diligence. That's when bad habits, over indulgences and bigger portions start sneaking back in.

-most of us go into maintenance with some sort of 'plan'. But that's not real life. Plans never, ever go as expected In the next 5o years of my maintenance I will most likely have to deal with sickness, injury, family members becoming sick/injured (I've lived out of hospital cafeterias before with sick kids-good luck staying on plan with that one!), life changes that disrupt routine, body changes (menopause etc), stress, grieving, weddings, funerals, family get togethers, celebrations, vacations and 50 more thanksgiving dinners And when all that's not happening it's the mundane day in and day out that's constantly challenging us (what to get at Starbucks, do I super size my fries, one more cookie won't hurt anything etc etc).

So many fail at long term weight loss success and I think a big part of the reason is people don't have a realistic idea of what maintaining actually is. Going into it with eyes 'wide' open and knowing how difficult it's actually going to be, is probably the best thing you can do to be part of the 5% that actually do succeed at maintenance

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