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Post Courtly Challengers, Regal Reducers and Merrie Maintainers

Hear ye, hear ye, listen up!!! All courtly challengers, regal reducers, merry maintainers, who are healthier than they've been in years, and also 5 o'clock jocks, empathic tea imbibers, wood nymphs, hags, crones, goddesses-in-training, fit faery folk and fresh start cardholders, empresses plus anyone-I've-forgotten, are welcome to our new palace of intrigue, magic, mazes, mayhem and exciting challenges of all varieties (previously known as the End o' Daylight Savings Challenge).

We have decided to move to this part of the forum. Since we've hashed out the concept on the previous thread, sufficeth it to say that this is a do-your-own challenge kind o' thingie and discussion group and we intendeth to continueth to, uh, do our thingie.

Any and all passersby are welcome and encouraged to join our merrie band!

At some future date, if we wish (because we ARE all royal, after all) mayhap we might desire to change the name o' the thread, but for the nonce credit goeth to Anagramatic for the idea whereunder I posted this, though all the suggested names were fantastic!!! Huzzah!!!!

The s have already put a challenge out there for getting up at 5 a.m. to exercise ... mayhap said challengers wanna clarify that on this thread. Amarantha hath expressed personal enthusiasm for joining in that challenge, but (she realized that 5 a.m. is IN THE MORNING)!

On the last thread, Wood Nymph Arabella hath posted a link to some of the work she's been doing. I'm wondering if WN would repost that here just in case someone doesn't see it on Monday. It's very interesting!

Amarantha hath a personal challenge in mind and will come back tomorrow and post it after she celebrates her weekly bout with the Golden Scale o' Good Intentions (that measureth good tries as well as pounds)!!! Avanti!

Later, s!!!!
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Default Scrumptious Sunday!

Hello all!
Enjoying this extra "awake" time of this "Fall Back One hour"...

Dogs too.

So, am listening to "Candelight Music" ( piano pieces) with the dishwasher running in the background, setting my timer 15 minutes at a time... trying to build some momentum to get little tasks done as well as the fun ones....

Arabella-- I too am impressed with the Spam ariticle! Tell ALL!!
I like the style of the site, with lots of links to similar articles...
And I was glad to see the sources and documentation listed...
Another reason why I think the Internet is so exciting...

Anagram-- Here's a bushel full (((((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))
with another bushel for when you need them.... The only good thing about my Friday was that the Vending Machine companies are showing a profit now.... All we can do is keep moving forward, right???

NEWSFLASH!!! The truck has arrived with the newest NO GUILT CARDS!! We've redesigned them !

And look, the new NO GUILT Cards are also Nightlights!!! Dual Purpose!! They don't need a battery as they use solar energy which means the NO GUILT cards have to come out of pockets or drawers at least once a day to be energized. So, like the stars in the sky which can be seen best when things are at their darkest ( you all with me on this one??)--- Our NO GUILT cards light up when our food plan seems to be at its darkest--
And they light up in our favorite color!! ( mine is great shades of blue... ) Like the stars or a lighthouse, its a marker leading us back to what's important... that what is happening NOW is all we can control- not a few moments ago and not in a few moments...
That it is better for us to learn from the past but we must leave the past where it belongs. Trying to carry the past with us makes us top heavy.... we can't stand up straight...we move in a crooked angle... we beome stiff and uncomfortable...each step becomes a struggle....
.we begin to see things skewed .. we just aren't ourselves... we are what WAS...

NO GUILT Cards remind us we are not machines, we're never going to be "perfect" , to let go, move forward and AWAY so we can act freely....

Cards for everyone!

Today's thought of the day is :

"No matter where I go, there I am !"

Question of the day :

"If money and time were not an issue, where would you be right now?"

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S/C/G: 209/140

Angry hie-de ho!

Good breadcrumbs!

Have lost a total of 10 on the last currently playing with the same 2 lbs up and I too need to re-evalutate and settle down to brass tacks.

So....back to my regimen that works for me.....water, time and portions...oh yes and exercise....did you know that exercise is a 4 letter word? Fresh start card for me Kaylets and I 'm off and running!!!!

to all wandering over! Hi Zadie K!

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Default Starting Over

What lovely new accomodations Amarantha has picked out for us!

I have decided that the past is the past and shall remain as such. Today I start a new journey on the road to health. Not that the struggles in the past are not important, they are, for they have led me to this point in my life where I know it is more important to be healthy rather than just thin. I've gone through all the things that I now know don't work for me, and can move on knowing what I must do to succeed. Here's to Fresh Starts and No Guilt!

I will continue with my run/walk program, pay attention to portion sizes and why I'm eating when I'm not really hungry.

Look forward to seeing everyone over here!
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Thanks Amarantha for getting us started and thanks to Anagram naming our group!

Yes, I'm insane and am taking the challenge of getting up at 5 AM to work out----starting tomorrow. And I also want to keep calories at or below 1500. "Sprinting" towards Samhain to lose another pound or 2!

I'll check in later!
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Fresh Start and No Guilt Cards for all!!

let's see--

Let's keep this as simple as possible--

Move more today than yesterday.
and remember that it really is all about me!
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Ok, dokey, hello all s and other sundry heroines and magical folkettes (this is the do-your-own-thingie thread so everyone has to decide for their royal or other species for themselves, but I'd like to call everyone a today if no one minds)!!!!

Much to my surprise, I hopped on the Golden Scale o' Good Intentions and it said I had reached my modified end o' daylight savings goal of 156.5!!!! Happy, happy, joy, joy, joy~!!!!! So I also met and exceeded the pound a week goal as well!!! I am declaring this a holiday from work and will do my work tomorrow. I'm going and buying a set of donut baking pans I saw and I am going to make healthy donuts for myself! Yowza!

Kaylets: I was going to ask for a No Guilt card, but my 1.5 pound loss took care of all guilt! I like the idea of the cards being equipped with nightlights, definitely I don't do well dietwise in the dark ... it's always late at night when I throw in the towel!!!! Yowza!

QOD: If money wasn't an issue (or time), I'd quit working and work on my master's full time.

CEARA: SORRY TO SHOUT BUT 10 POUNDS IS A FABULOUS RESULT FROM THE CHALLENGE!!!! Congratulations! Here's to getting down to brass tacks because they obviously work for you!!!! Huzzah!!!

Wildfire: I love what you said about being healthy rather than just being thin!!! I'm working on run/walk as well .... it's just the greatest combo! You're doing great!!!

Eydie: Good luck on the 5 a.m. thingie!!! I'm going to be following that in spirit, maybe I'll join in next week!!!!

I also pmd Bo-Beena yesterday and hope to see her around here soon!!!!

My challenges: I am challenging myself to stay on program (Flexpoints) for 21 days! I know I've tried and failed at this but this time I WILL SUCCEED!!!! Yowza! This is Day One.


Courtly Challengers, Regal Reducers and Merrie Maintainers (gosh, I love that name) ... the season of daylight savings is over, we are snug in the cozy palace that contains a full-service spa and gym, gourmet cook schooled in spa cuisine, a magical maze in the backyard where a myriad of ever-changing health/fitness/weight management challenge games are available at the clap of our royal hands, all the virtual money and time we could possibly need, and a wonderful virtual outside the palace gates where we can sally forth in colorful garb to shop and play!

(There is a goodly supply of towel boys available. Please see the concierge (sp?) if towels are needed.)


Avanti! Au revoir! Amen!

Amarantha must hie to the Imperial Mall to exercise her shopping muscles before she realizes the money is all virtual!
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caffeine free!
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Hello All,
Made it here with no problem. Much in need of a fresh start card and I am thinking a fresh thread is just the ticket.

I have a couple of things in mind for learning better habits. First of all, I need to start writing things down again. It is one of the few things that keeps me on my best behaviour. Next I need to stop eating out. And last but not least water and exercise. Golly this sounds hard.

I am totally on board for losing a pound this week. Challenge accepted.

So...what do y'all think about a winter solstice challenge of some sort?

QOD: Italy. I know that in the summer it is really crowded and smells rather fishy, but Venice in the fall is beautiful.

At any rate...Off to face the day
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hi everyone! thanks for the directions here and starting the new thread, amarantha. congrats too on the weight loss. kaylets--those no guilt, fresh start cards sound so reassuring and good to me. my challenge to myself will be to continue writing down what goes in my mouth daily, exercise regularly, try for -1lb. per week, and do better with the water. ceara, congrats on those 10 lbs. gone! eydie-i admire the 5am exercise goal. not being a morning person myself, i am especially impressed. hi zadie k and wildfire. it sure is nice to see all of you here. as i've said so often, even when i'm not feeling too great and may not be able to post, i am still thinking of all of you. take care, all.
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Default Hello Lovelies!

Welcome to the Land of Miscellaneous!

I just thought I'd pop by from next door to introduce myself and wish you welcome. I'm Kiwi, one of the peaceful cows from the pasture nextdoor. Well, mostly peaceful. Anyway, you all sound like very positive, lovely royal folk. Hope you enjoy your new neighborhood!

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S/C/G: 209/140

Angry Good Afternoon!!

Hi Kiwi!! Pop by anytime!

Went to Costco after church...NOW I remember why I go throughout the week!!!

Thanks for the new digs A....I've got it stored in my's kinda cool down here....certainly quite friendly. I like green, peaceful pastures!

Got a couple of non-vegetarian roasts to put into the oven for I'm off!!!!! Hope to see youse all later!

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Holy crow I'm beat. DH and I have been rearranging practically the whole apartment since 10am! DD is coming home tomorrow, so I had to relinquish my hold on her bedroom. Sewing things and weight bench had to be moved out, and computer for her had to be set up in there. Not done yet...DH had to go out to buy some cables for the old computer.

At least I haven't been sat on the couch munching today!

QOD: If time and money were not an issue, we'd be living on PEI, preferably in an old house on the shore with all the time in the world to wander the beach and spend hours crafting.

Amarantha, congrats on the loss! You did it after all! lost 10lbs on the last challenge? Way to go!

wsw and zadie, glad you found your way over here!

Hiya Kiwonk! I have to admit, I've read your "herd's" threads from time to time, and you are wonderful and funny gals! Our palace doors are always open, drop by anytime!

Ok, back to work before DH gets home and finds me here. No rest for the wicked!
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Hi, Kiwonk, adding my thanks for the welcome to the Land o' Miscellaneous post!!!! Yowza!!!!

It IS very peaceful here, Ceara, lots more room and I think we do qualify as miscellaneous type folkettes!!!

Wsw & Zadie: Glad you found the new palace and are in for a pound a week!!!!

Wsw, we think of thee also, whether thou be postin' or not!!!

Zadie: I'd be up for setting a winter solstice goal of some kind. Being essentially a realist, I dinna think I'm going to make 135 by year's end, but hope springs eternal!!! I'd have to think about it.

Wildfire: Sorry thou hast to part with thy sewing/weight room, but glad thy dd is returning to thee!!! Ahhh, I'd also like to spend all my time on PEI wandering beach and crafting and thinking of Anne, with whom I grew up though I've never even been to PEI!!! Unless my parents took me there when I was little ... I think they may have but I don't know.

To all, mentioned and unmentioned, avanti! I'm into Flexpoints already and resting my brain but feel good about my choices today. Hope to take a run and a nap, or at least a nap.

Later, gators!!!
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Default well hello there!!!

i was all excited when i saw your delightful name drop into our misc outpost here in nowheresville!! especially the ROYAL element====the cows next door think they are quite smart and fancy themselves-----I am sure you are much nicer though [except for Kiwonkers==she is reliably nice} we would like to lose some weight but mostly we like to complain about how we can't.----Wildfire I think i met you over at Alternachicks a while back???? nice bunch are they======ANYway-----WELCOME TO OUR LITTLE CORNER OF THE THREE D WORLD!!! XOXOXOXO cOWASAURUS ARSIMUS REX
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Spreadin' the luv.
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Talking Cerise is in the building.

Hello, darlings.

Kiwonk and bagzzz, you guys are SO SWEET!! Thanks for the welcome! I've wondered about the cows in tartans for a while now...

I've spent a weekend gallavanting around the Seattle area with my parents, visiting from across the state, and my brother and SIL, who live here. I adore my family so much, and we never stop laughing together, but you guys feel like family now, too, and it's good to come back after a couple of days and "see" the beloved "faces".

I'll post more tomorrow, but are we picking another holiday to push to?

I'm in for the 5:00 challenge (Ramon is dubiously encouraging, and with good reason. I've ended the life of many an alarm clock in my fury that it's time to get up). Anyway, depending on how long the challenge is, I'd really like to get to Onederland. If it's just a couple of months, though, that's not enough time to lose 14 pounds, I think. Huh.

**B-U-U-U-U-U-R-R-P** Just stuffed myself on Indian food. Ironic. Onederland seems so far away when you're full of garlic nan bread and Aloo Saag.

See you all in de mornin'. At five. Groan.
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