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Hello!!! Tammy thank you for that catching-up post, HUGE congrats on the lake house, for getting the load of the MIL house off your shoulders, and for your steely reserve when riding and NOT giving up your lane to that poo-filled BMW! I have done the same thing, shaking my head like crazy to someone and they just don't care. C*R*A*C*K goes Tammy's whip

Reda, sorry about your sinuses! hope you get some relief!

Hi to everyone else!

So yes I've had to pick up the shifts from the guy who quit on us on our busiest time. I have STOPPED exercising, you all know that even though i eat like crazy i have been a consistent exerciser for years and years but i have completely halted that, i have to leave the house by 6 am and have been getting home around 4 or so which does not sound that bad, but it's been too warm, I'm tired, blahblahblah

BUT I have to say I've enjoyed the summer as much as I can, I've ridden to work probably 85% of the time (except for the past week; we had temps in the high 30's for a few days; then today it's supposed to be near 90!) I see I've ridden about 6000 miles this season

change of subject - fingernails! i have never had nice nails, they get to a short length and then just break, chip, tear, etc. I tried some Impress Broadway press-on nails back in July, to go with my Cherry Pie outfit..they lasted for days and looked so pretty, so I tried their French tips and Oh my nails looked SO pretty and I got so many compliments, no one could tell they were fake.

They stay on firmly (for me) for about 5 days, then I might need to add some nail glue. Then they start to look kinda 'not great' after a week. I wore them just about non-stop for over a month (taking off the week-old ones, then applying new ones) then decided to give my nails a breather for a week or so. I don't see any damage to my nails, they are still weak and brittle, but they always are.

I've been wearing the Sport length which is considered short but for me still look fantabulous. One did pop off at work (and I know you are going "UGH! into the cookie dough??" ) but it just fell on the floor, lol. I have been able to be conscious of them constantly and keep counting "10" to double check
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