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Good early morning to you. Jack left for work about 40 minutes ago and I was going to go back to sleep because my brother called and woke me up around 10 PM last night, but I wanted to check on my last bracelet shipment. I ended up having to send them an email about tracking info.

I am done with the cowl I am knitting for the cruise. I posted a picture of it while blocking and a picture of the original pattern so you can see how it is supposed to be worn. I also posted a picture of my little animal bracelet. The beads are actually bright orange, a sort of yellow orange and white not the color that shows up. It came in today. I am also going to order some jewelry from this great place I bought all my stuff last year online. I should be set then for this year. I am still waiting on that pair of pants though she said they have been shipped. I just hope they fit now after all this trouble.

We are going to go and get my contacts and pick up a couple things from Walmart tonight then I guess tomorrow Jack is going to shampoo the other downstairs carpet. He will have to do it early or it will get to hot to do it.

Susan: The main site I use is and they are having another sale right now. I also use once in awhile. If you get on pugster's mailing list you will get a notice of all their sales. Glad you are feeling better. When you do finish your sweater try and post it as I would love to see it. Do you think crocheting is easier than knitting and more comfortable? I always thought it might be as you only deal with the hook and a stitch not a whole row of them. I saw on my knitting website a lady making a lace shawl had 1400 stitches on her needles! Ok, so knitting a shawl is not going to be in my agenda, at least not one like that!

Jean: Hope you got all your cleaning done, mama cat is ok and all is right with the world at your house. I love deviled eggs but Jack won't eat them so I guess it's a good thing. I used the same ingredients as when I make potato salad or egg salad. Have you ever had egg salad with green olives? It is quit the rage in the south I guess. I had this macaroni salad at a church lunch one time and I have never been able to recreate it to taste the same. It had the basic macaroni salad but had olives and tuna in it. It was really delicious.

I am going to go and knit and try and finish up the cowl. The yarn for the sweater wasn't even close though the color numbers were the same so I am not exactly sure what I am going to do. I have it 90% done and I hate to tear the whole thing out. I have had suggestions from people at the knitting site, but not sure any of them are viable for this sweater. Have a great weekend all. Faye
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