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Good morning girls. A little cooler today in high 80's but a few degrees can make a difference. We are supposed to get cooler overnights, which always makes it nice.

We spent a good part of the day yesterday doing cruise stuff. I matched up outfits, found more clothes that fit now and didn't before, ran some through the dryer with a wet clothe to take out wrinkles, etc. Jack set up the big table upstairs (we keep it under our bed) and put all the bags on it so we could start packing. It makes it a lot easier that is for sure and our bedroom is about 20 x 24 so big enough to handle having the table in there. I am waiting today for delivery of the few pieces of jewelry I ordered for the trip and then Thursday my other stuff should come.

I need to get a bunch of stuff done in the house today as I didn't do any cleannig yesterday like I had planned. I am glad though I have everything sorted out.

Susan: Wow, sounds like your friend has a lot of supplies and such. I have a ton of yarn, odds and ends that were to big just to toss and brand new stuff I haven't used or ordered too much to make something. We have a really lousy storage problem here with the garage floor leaking so bad and they won't fix them and the roof needs replacing so we don't put stuff in the attic anymore as they won't put on new rooves either. We have very small closets, even our walk in isn't very big. I have shoes and purses in the spare bedroom and Jack's closet in his office is full of my clothes along with our walk in!

Maggie: Sounds like Will had a very nice birthday. All we can do with weight loss is do it one day at a time, just like quiting smoking or drinking or whatever. It can be frustrating and downright upsetting at times, but it is one of those things we just have to face day to day. Hope your eyes feel better.

Jean: Sounds like you were busy over the weekend and enjoying the last vestiges of summer. Are the mosquitos bad for you this year? I have found them to be awful this year, but we have had so little rain it surprises me that they are so bad since they lay eggs in puddles and such. I am hoping for low 80's for vacation, but they are still having high temps in the caribbean. Their humidity is unbelievable, which always makes it worse. Since the ship doesn't allow the fans or misters when you do the drill, I am going to take a wet wash rag just to try and keep a bit cool and we are going to wait to go to our stations insteading of hurrying out first thing so we don't have to stand so long. We had to stand in that heat about 35 minutes last year. We had a couple in their 80's in our "line" and they looked so frail. I got mad as I was really miserable and told them to get out of line and go to the back with me and lean against the ship, which they did. I dared anyone to say anything. I know the purpose is for emergency evacuation, but you can't put old people through that.

Well girls, time to get going and start on the day. I have a load of laundry about done and ready for the dryer so I better go check. Have a nice Tuesday. Faye
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Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's another beautiful COOL day in my corner of the world. The weatherman is promising 90s again in a few days. I counted church and gift shop money this morning then went to the bank. We will be leaving for soccer games shortly. We pick up the kids from the sitter to save Beth an additional trip across town and then back to the soccer fields. It got a little chilly at the end of the football game last night so think I will wear jeans and take a jacket today!

Maggie -- I hope your eyes are feeling better today. I've had that and it's not fun. What a cute idea to decorate for Will's birthday. I'll bet he got a kick out of it. You are a wise woman to freeze the treats! (Frozen cookies are pretty good. )

"Gma" -- You are so organized to get things ready for your cruise early. I'm usually rushing around at the last minute, and then forget something. I keep telling myself I will start early next time. I haven't noticed the mosquitoes but we are so dry. There are little flying bugs that seem to come out at night which we noticed last night at the game. It was a longer than usual game and not much of a contest although the other team did score once. Ian's coach is really good with mixing up the plays to confuse the other team.

I need to change clothes and round up the pb&j sandwiches for the kids. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day?

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This thread is closed. Please join us on Steel Magnolias #58

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Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain.
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