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Organic here, but with an understanding that "Big Agra" organic sometimes means very little. Grocery store organic eggs are a really good example - "cage free" usually doesn't mean what it sounds like it should. But we're loving our beyond-organic CSA share so far this year, even if I've got more radishes than I know what to do with.

Lately I'm more concerned with how what we put on our skin and what we live around can be much, much more toxic and dangerous than eating some non-organic food. No artificial perfumes in this house, most cleaners and things are the baking soda/vinegar-type homemade variety, and very minimal/carefully chosen cosmetics or other things that go on the skin. But trying to avoid chemicals can feel like such a battle.

Our biggest eye-opener lately has been how toxic most furniture is, due to very poorly written flame re*tardant requirements that the tobacco industry of course mucked up. Some pretty nasty chemicals can be measured in your blood at really high levels - just from sitting on furniture!! And it's almost impossible to buy something like a couch that hasn't been doused in the stuff. It's so scary and so awful that a) these poisons are so pervasive and b) it feels almost futile/impossible to try to be an informed consumer and avoid them. The safe options are extremely rare and very expensive. Gah.

Back to the original question - no, I don't think spending money on organic is necessarily wasteful. Sounds like you're doing it right, OP! Sometimes people just automatically buy something that says "organic" and assume it's good, regardless of processed or whatever it is. You sound like a discerning mom!

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