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Originally Posted by lunarsongbird View Post
Trust. Trust in my body and it's hunger signals. Trust that I will not lose motivation. Trust that I am doing the right thing for my future family. Trust that my body is capable to losing. Trust that my body will equal out at a healthy weight. Trust I'll stop eating. Trust I'll make the right choices. Trust.

Oh, this is so beautiful and so true. Well said!
  • Trust
  • 3FC website
  • Online recipes and beautiful food blogs with photos!
  • My printer for printing said recipes
  • Water and water bottles
  • A safe friend
  • My scale
  • Ability to purchase nutrition
  • My juicer
  • A willingness to try new foods
  • Stores with a variety of unique ingredients to aid me in my delicious recipe making!
  • A comfortable bed
  • A variety of clothing to accommodate my need for different sizes
  • Friends with whom I can talk weight loss
  • Self-acceptance and self-love (self-appreciation, positive self-regard, feeling I deserve to take care of myself)
  • Measuring spoons and measuring cups

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