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Well not that im an alcoholic at all but I do miss having the occassional drink. I guess that is the price you pay for wanting to lose weight but up everything! My best friend moved away and I havent seen her for about four months and she will be here to visit on Saturday...I have decided I am going to have a few drinks....I am sure that I will have to start over on Sunday and really buckle down. I did check into some websites of carb and calorie content....I was shocked about Smirnoff Ice, which is my favorite drink....228 calories per bottle! and 32 grams of carbs! no wonder when i used to go out alot after I turned 21 was i packing on the pounds!!! Found out that Cpt Morgans spiced rum only has like .7 grams per 1/4 serving which i think is about one shot?? and the better tasting Parrot Bay Rum has 7 grams i think....they are both under 100 calories a serving it sounds like one of those with diet coke would be a better choice.

Does anyone have any input on this??
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