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Restaurants frustrate me to no end! I have maybe 2-3 restaurants that I know I can eat a point friendly meal at, and I get the same thing every time. but when someone suggests something new, It takes me FOREVER to go online and find the nutrition information so I can calculate the points. Some restaurants don't even have their nutrition info available with really aggravates me... Like I can understand they don't want to put it on the menu, but I would think they would get a lot more business if health conscious people could look it up themselves. I have not eaten at many places just because I couldn't figure out what was good for you. Even salads or things like "grilled salmon" are deceiving. I once looked up grilled salmon at some restaurant and it had 30grams of fat!!!! I do not trust restaurants unless I can see the numbers. lol.

I never bring home left overs. If I calculated the points and tracked them for lunch I just eat my meal until I am full. Sometimes I eat it all and sometimes I have some left. Even when I have some left, I do not bring the leftovers home. I find that it crowds my fridge and just makes me want to eat out more. I look at eating out as a treat and once I'm full thats it. It's worked for me so far
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