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Default Eating in restaurants gloat/rant/vent

Yesterday I had my WW meeting. We were talking about strategies for eating in restaurants. Someone said: "ask for a take out container when your food comes and put half of it away." The leader then asked if anyone actually did that: NO ONE raised their hand, including the suggester! Everyone laughed.

So that evening, my plans of grilled meat and veggies went out the window when my partner suggested eating out. Remembering my meeting, I actually did it--I cut my chicken philly in half and kept only 7 french fries to eat. The philly was actually fairly small, so it was still work to not open that container and eat more of my meal. My guess is I will end up throwing it out after it occupies space in the frig for awhile. So the takeout container mainly served as a hiding mechanism?

The restaurant had a salad topped with chicken as its "healthy" choice, but I had that for lunch. The shrimp was too expensive. Everything else was fried. They had a side of sauted veggies available instead of fries, mash, or onion rings--but I would have had to pay the full $4.00 price to get them. I don't understand why they just can't charge you half price--$2.00 extra would have been reasonable for a substitution...Its like they hold you hostage if you want to eat better. They made the pretense of offering "healthy" options, complete with the cutsy heart symbol, but made it boring or expensive to get them.

Just cranky. I've got chicken in bbq sauce in the crockpot at home, which I will eat with a boatload of greenbeans. Hungry now!
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I agree restaurants make it hard to eat healthy. I have problems finding healthy food at the airports- countless times I ask for the steamed broccoli, and they are out. I ask for the grilled salmon- and they warn me it will take at least 20 minutes, in a tone that implies 38 minutes. I try to get a small turkey sandwich and there are no sandwich shops except a place to get a ginormous Philly cheese steak, so I instead find a pizza place to order a side cucumber/tomato salad. So frustrating! I bring emergency snacks for just in case.
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Every airport I have been to has had salads in to go plastic bowls, or fruit cups. Granted that the price is insane.. but when you need something to eat.. whatcha gonna do?

Starbucks has fruit and cheese platters.. yogurt with fruit and granola.. which is a heck of a lot better than pizza or chips.

Dunkins also has those eggwhite flatbread options which are really good as well!

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Restaurants frustrate me to no end! I have maybe 2-3 restaurants that I know I can eat a point friendly meal at, and I get the same thing every time. but when someone suggests something new, It takes me FOREVER to go online and find the nutrition information so I can calculate the points. Some restaurants don't even have their nutrition info available with really aggravates me... Like I can understand they don't want to put it on the menu, but I would think they would get a lot more business if health conscious people could look it up themselves. I have not eaten at many places just because I couldn't figure out what was good for you. Even salads or things like "grilled salmon" are deceiving. I once looked up grilled salmon at some restaurant and it had 30grams of fat!!!! I do not trust restaurants unless I can see the numbers. lol.

I never bring home left overs. If I calculated the points and tracked them for lunch I just eat my meal until I am full. Sometimes I eat it all and sometimes I have some left. Even when I have some left, I do not bring the leftovers home. I find that it crowds my fridge and just makes me want to eat out more. I look at eating out as a treat and once I'm full thats it. It's worked for me so far
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