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Originally Posted by drixnot View Post
lol... If my husband raved about some food a chef on TV made and I cooked it for him, he would either eat some or wear it... his choice.
Haha sounds exactly like something I'd say.

And I haven't gone far in my weight loss journey but my boyfriend (of 6 years) is aware of it. I've told him I'm eating right, making meals for myself instead of whatever he's having. He's supportive fo the idea but he keeps saying things like "mm, this french toast looks so good." or "just smell these cookies" etc. when he knows I can't have any of it.

To understand him you'd have to understand our relationship and everything which would turn into a whole novel, but to sum it up, we've broken up twice before. We started dating at 16, I'm now going to be 23 and his birthday is this weekend, he'll be 24. So young. But, when we broke up the first time we were really young and it was more of a "not really broken up" situation. The second time was a bit crazy. I talked to other guys and it really got to him, i know it did.

I honestly, seriously think that he's afraid when I lose weight and get where I want to be, that the men will come pouring in because I'll be 'hot' (he says I'm hot anyway, which is nice ) and I'll get swept away.

I seriously think he kinda wants me to lose the weight but kind of not. I almost think he's got in his head that I'm 'settling' for him.

Who knows. that was a mini rant, i apologize. Maybe he's just threatened by your success ? Or feels 'not up to par' because he wants to get on the healthy train too and doesn't have the motivation. Men are strange sometimes.
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