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Originally Posted by Shero View Post
Here is what everyone has lost since about Jan 1st-

buttonandbones: I'm so thrilled to say that after my first week I am down 10.2 pounds
JoyPerman: I lost 11.4 pounds in the first week.
Fee128-it has been just over a week since I started and I am down 5 pounds
Amelia: Ive been doing like too good to be true to be honest lol. I began on Monday and Ive been weighing myself everyday ( I know, shame on me, but it really keeps me motivated) and I started at 228.8 and as of this morning im down to 223.4!
Shero: Started Jan 2nd and down 6 lbs and counting.

I know I didn't get everyone's loss-got tired of cutting and

PS-according to the lose it book-according to studies done-people that keep track of their food intake and calories lose twice as much. Just Food For Thought
Hi ladies,
Weighed in for the first time since starting 10 days ago. I was down 4.5lbs. I must admit that I was a little disappointed. However I have not done this program exactly as I should have. Eating out, few bites of off program food here and there, eating extra bars, etc. and only exercising on 2 days.
So, I'm thinking I need to write down my plan for each day the evening before. I know this will make it less likely for me to go off course.
I also need to remember that I could be UP 4.5 lbs if I wasn't doing this.
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