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Originally Posted by audio51 View Post
Hi all. I was on the Medifast Diet about a year ago and did very well on it. I lost 45 lbs. My plan was to stay on it until I got down to my goal weight of 145, then switch over to WW. I didn’t quite get all the way to 145 and just couldn't make myself stay on MF any longer. I put about 10 lbs. back on and then tried Nutrisystem. I really didn't lose anything on that and have a bunch of leftover food to get rid of. I am definitely going back on and Medifast-like plan because now I am back to withing 10 lbs of my starting weight and just feel miserable Nothing fits and I refuse to buy new “fat clothes”. I have read a bit about WS and am leaning toward that, partially because of cost. I will be ordering this weekend so need to make a decision. I like the prices and they seem to have more options in some of the categories. I LOVE chocolate so will likely be order mostly that whenever possible. I would like some feedback on taste if possible. I like the MF food well enough and even did some of the "Recipes" I found on this and other sites. I don't do spicy at all, so will steer clear of anything with that in the name. I have seen posts about being able to have fruit and carbs. Is that true? Have any of you tried both plans? If so, which to you prefer? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Welcome to the group! I also used to do MF and lost 35 lbs a few years ago. But I love WS because I think the food really does taste better. I wish I knew of it then.

I love chocolate too and my favorites are the berries and chocolate cereal, the Cinna Crunch and Chocolate snacks, and the Chocolate Crunchies - those remind me of Nestle Buncha Crunch.

I also dont like spicy foods either, but, WS has a Spicy Cheese Pasta and it is my favorite entree, I cant figure out why they call it "spicy" because it isn't hot and doesn't have any hint of spice to it at all. Has anyone else tried the Spicy Cheese Pasta?

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