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Just my humble opinion, Amarantha, and please don't take offense - you must do what is right for you. However, as a support group I believe that we must support each other outside the confines of only diet and exercise. Everything in our lives impacts how we feel and how we deal with everyday factors impacts our diet and exercise. We have always been a close-knit group and I think we are comfortable sharing bits here and there. We would not have spent the last 12 years or so (for me) coming back to this place if it was merely a place to log diet and exercise. We come because of the camaraderie and having a place to celebrate, commiserate, vent, and support each other. Don't we?

So if you want to talk about the challenges of job searching or anything else going on, or just want to post your goals and activites, we are right there with you!

Just my $.02.
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