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Hello all!

So glad to see you Wildfire! How regal!! Jesse Cook, I am even following him on FB.... I can almost recognize him even when it's a new song.

Still following my 'new' food plan. Most of the time it's still working. Christmas was tougher, I think in large part 'stress eating' .....Instead of the wheat, I had lots of protein and fruit---literally grazed on both and probably had 3 sweet potatoes too but all in all, a far, far different 'binge' compared to what would have happened if cookies, etc, etc were in the house.

I am still feeling slimmer if that is more than just a feeling and a reality. In other words, I guess it's probably what other people call my energy. And of course, I expect to turn sideways in the full length mirror and not see a belly. BUT, it's still there and the reality is that at least its not going to get bigger.

Wood Nymph, the Higher Power concept is hard for lots of us---
The bottom line really is ( and again, only my opinion), that I can't control everything, I can not be perfect ( and why do I feel this compulsion to be?) and I can't handle everything that is going to happen to me much less the entire universe.
For me, letting go, realizing somethings are too big for me ( powerless) has been very freeing. I don't have to be in charge. Doesn't mean I'm not accountable and that seems to be a full time job for me.

Glad to see WSW stop by! Cold weather here on the East Coast. You're not shivering alone!

Empress! As always, inspirational!

Sorry, just see the time and must be off. Until next time.

My royals!
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