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Morning chicks,

Quick check in for me. I've got a long stretch of of work the next 3 days I am not looking forward to.

Would appreciate some prayers for DH's health. He is having a time of the heart palpitations and his heart racing. It's very bothersome - I told him he needs to be more aggressive in getting this treated - get another doctor/opinion. I don't want him keeling over on me.

Shad - I think I like the hands picture too - she has the most perfect face.

Mel - hope the tummy ups subside and you are feeling better. Ginger tea. I love it and live on it. And I too put off college after high school - no money and I had to help in the support my Mom and little sister - when it came time to get married, my Mom asked if I could still send home room and board So I understand your situation. Wonder what could have been...

Laura - I could use a good pizza dough recipe *hint, hint* - my breadmaker will do one but good thinking on the mixer and dough hook instead. Last time we ate at Houlihan's we were disappointed.

Ceejay - would be good if the New Age ushered in a simpler time. We need to stop the ugly path mankind is on right now. Let the sunshine in...

Annie - thanks for the energy - I'll take all I can get. Good luck with C's house. Price it right and walk away. Real estate is a tough thing today.

Ok... off to the salt mine. Have a good one everybody.

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